Thursday, May 27, 2010


Okay so the pictures and the content of this post are about as random as you can get! We got all of our stuff moved last weekend and are unpacking. Never move the week before season finales!!! I have had to take an Internet hiatus just so I don't find out who won Biggest Loser and American Idol. I seriously haven't checked facebook, twitter, or other blogs just in case! Hopefully I can catch up on the shows so I can catch up with what my friends are up to!!
Lilly is loving the new house. She LOVES getting into the pantry. I had to make an emergency run to Target for a baby proof door handle so her and I didn't have to go to war over it!!! She gets in it and snacks constantly....CONSTANTLY. That was no big deal--it was the throwing everything (including breakables on the floor) that caused the issues. We have fixed that problem.
She also spent no less than 20 minutes in our shower the other day just opening and closing the shower door. Apparently she doesn't mind a shower door!!
Lilly has been trying to share with Bubby lately! (That does not mean that she has quit taking whatever he is playing with...she just tries to share what she isn't interested in. I still see it as progress!!!)
These two have started chattering together and laughing at each other. Oh my gosh!!! It is priceless!!!
These pictures were taken while I was packing...and therefore Lilly was unpacking. Reid is starting to learn the sippee cup.
We have had a couple of big milestones but they deserve their own posts so I will save those for later.
Don't you just want to kiss their little faces???
Reid is feeling SO MUCH BETTER! We have all gotten to sleep through the night this week!!!!!!! Lilly's ears are cleared up too so we are just praising Jesus all over this new house!!!
I had put Lilly and Reid down for naps a couple of weeks ago and walked into the kitchen and was doing the dishes. I turned around and saw this (the doll in the chair). I about jumped out of my skin! My mind was like where did this baby come from for a split second...then of course I realized it was a doll.
We had our last MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) group the other day. I wish we met through the summer because I am going to miss these ladies!! This is Jenna and I...I will still see Jenna at playgroup through the summer. If you get a chance, say a little prayer for her and her family because they have been SO SICK.
Some other girls at our MOPS table...Brandy, Jill, and Melissa. They are so sweet and it is fantastic to get to talk to other moms without the kiddos there to interrupt and distract for a little while. However, we always end up talking about our kids and more often than not somehow the conversation always turns to poop and puke. Ahhhh, the life of a mom! Haha.
This is our table! Me, Kerri, Abby, Brandy, Jill, Jennifer, Melissa, and Jenna. Can't wait to see you guys in September if not before then!!!
Well, the kids are sleeping so I better use this time to put some stuff away!


Jenna said...

Aww, thanks sweet friend! I'm so glad Reid is feeling better. I hope the tubes are the solution!!! And when am I going to get moved to your friends list? LOL, just kidding! Thanks for always checking up on me!

Leah said...

ahhh so sorry I just saw your comment!! We are actually in Benton right now, just got in last night. Craig and I are staying until Monday then heading back to Houston and Perri is staying here for a week! Yikes!! So nervous since I've never been away from her but its only Monday- Sat or Sun and is our trial run for when we are away from her for 10 days when we go to Mexico in August. You don't happen to be down this weekend are you?? :) I know Perri and I will be back up in July though so if you are down then we definitely need to meet up!!