Tuesday, May 4, 2010

8 Months

Reid turned 8 Months old a few days ago. Oh buddy...where do I start? How about...HOLY CRAP!! HOW ARE YOU 8 MONTHS OLD ALREADY???!!! Sorry I just HAD to get that off of my chest because I seriously can't see how that is even possible...I think time is just messing with me and you are really only 3 months old. Granted...a big 3 month old, but a 3 month old nonetheless! (PS. I love in this picture where your arm meets your hand-it looks like your hand is just screwed in to your arm because you don't have wrists yet. LOVE IT!!)
Everywhere we go, people usually comment on 4 things:
  1. How old is he? Man that is a big boy! Last week at baby bookworms there was a little boy who was 12 months old and you were literally twice his size...in all fairness I think he was small for his age!
  2. He has a mouth full of teeth! Yes, you have 7 teeth. I don't think Lilly had any teeth at 8 months. I love your toothy smile!! Which brings us to number 3....
  3. He is the happiest baby I have ever seen! I get this one pretty much anywhere we go. It is SO true!! You are just content. You are happy playing by yourself on the floor with toys, playing with your sister even though she steals all of the toys you grab, sitting in the stroller people-watching, or jumping your little legs off in the jumper. You are just a happy boy!! Which is shockingly impressive since you have had the same ear infection for 2 months. Hopefully we will get good news at the doctor tomorrow when they check your ears!!
  4. He is so sweet and cuddly! Yes, this is true too. You are happy anywhere, but you are most happy sitting in Mommy's lap just a cuddling the day away!! You give me kisses and just nuzzle your little head on my shoulder. It is in those times that all the difficulties of being a stay at home mom just melt away and I am reminded why I love staying at home with my babies more than anything else!!!!! You have gotten quite fast and handsy this last month. I mean I thought it was tough with Lilly into everything...but apparently she has been giving you some lessons on the side!! You love to take all of the books off of the shelf just like she does. You can find ANYTHING that is not supposed to be on the floor and have it in your mouth at world record speeds. Seriously, it is a talent. You are still as handsome as can be! You have the most precious little looks. You are so curious (again, I think Lilly is sneaking you some insider tips). You love to crawl all over the place...especially underneath things (kitchen table, jumper, chairs, etc.) You try to catch Tank..he is still faster than you though. Shucks! Due to the ear infections, you pretty much do not sleep through the night anymore. This makes Mommy and Daddy a little sad. I know that as soon as you feel better you will go back to sleeping like a champion! You love to eat. You have never had a formula bottle (knock on wood that Mommy can keep that up). However, due to some biting issues, we now agree that you get mainly pumped bottles. You are very impatient through the first half of any meal. Mommy and Daddy can not slow down with the spoon at all or you let us know!! You jabber all the day long.

Reid, you have just been such a huge blessing in our family from the second we found about you! We are so thankful God chose us to be your parents (do I say that every month...I can't help it!...I tell Him that every single day!) We will always love you more than you ever know and just can't wait to see what you are going to be doing every day. You have such a sweet spirit (yes I can already tell) and I know you are going to grow to be a God-pleasing young man! Your daddy and I just enjoy watching you grow each day....there are just no words for how much we love you!! (Lilly that goes for you too.)


Lindsay and Robert said...

Great new photos! I love reading your posts - I laughed out loud when you described Reid's sweet arms as having his hand screwed on. Hilarious!

My New Life as a Borin said...

Hey is so sweet! You're right about his little arms... I've never thought about it before but I know what you mean! :)