Thursday, May 6, 2010

Funny Kiddos!!

The other day Lilly climbed into the bathtub with Reid FULLY dressed!
Looking at her feet....assessing why her clothes suddenly felt different.
Trying to wash Bubby off.
Clapping her hands (she swings them all the way back behind her and then brings them is a dramatic clap) and sucking on the wash cloth. She has loved sucking on wash cloths since birth.
Such a funny and silly girl! I just laughed and then stripped her down...there is nothing wrong with wanting to have good hygeine!
But before I was finished taking pictures, she just sat down and started reading and playing. Haha. Never a dull moment!
A few weeks ago we went to hibachi grill. You know how at the beginning, they set the grill on fire....this was Reid's face! Priceless!!!!
What the??
Did you see that??
That was AWESOME!! These pictures were taken within seconds of each other. He just laughed and laughed and then thought it was funny when it would happen to the tables around us. I don't think he will mind the fireworks this year!!


Jenna said...

LOL, two funny kiddos! B had the same face when we took him to Shoguns for the first time! No wait, I take that back, he screamed bloody murder the first time. The second time he had that face. Haha!!

Anonymous said...

I love that she got in the bath with her clothes on! Such a cutie!!

Trumbo Family said...

We have scarred Trenton for life taking him to shoguns. Whenever we pass it on Joyce he says "I don't want to go to that fire restaurant." At least he won't be a pyro when he grows up....HA

Lindsey Cobb said...

Reid's face is too funny!