Saturday, May 8, 2010

20 Months

Lilly is 20 Months old today. I can't believe how big my baby is and how much she is doing and learning every single day!!! Lilly, you have done so much this month. For starters you discovered your love of bubbles!! The Easter Bunny brought you and "Bubby" some bubbles and a bubble machine. OH are a fan!
You kept saying "bubba, bubba, bubba" and I was like "oh how sweet, you love your brother!" but it turns out you were talking about bubbles. Ha!

You have broken through 3 new teeth this month! You have almost all of your "vampire" (eye?) teeth now.
Oh girl! You crack us up ALL THE TIME! Lately, you really mimic us. In this picture you have your baby and my purse. One of your favorite "games" to play is going bye-bye. You walk to the door and say "bye" and we tell you bye and blow kisses. Or you get into your kozy coupe (car) and wave to us as you go around the living room. SO FUN!!
The other day you had your baby in your little baby stroller, your purse, and your blackberry (my old electronic sudoku game) up to your ear. Daddy said you have been watching me too closely. Haha.
Simply precious! You also love love love love love to go outside and throw an absolutely embarrassing fit when it is time to come inside. You would spend every waking second outside if you any type of weather!
One thing that is kind of funny is that you and bubby fight over....
the baby! I did not see this coming! You call Reid "Bubby" It is awesome and sweet!! At first we couldn't figure out what you were talking about but you kept saying it NONSTOP. You also say Reid (more like "Reeee").
You love to to the point of exhaustion. Aunt Lois watched you the other day and when I got back she said, "She was good but she wanted me to read the whole time (2 hrs).
You like to count things on the pages. We also point to the words together. You are one smart cookie (the doctor verified this the other day...he said "she is just 20 months?")
You have also started to "read" on your own. You flip through the book and just jabber on and on....sometimes I think you might be reading a novel!
Mess-maker, mess-maker, that is you!! One thing that has really improved this month is that I can get you to help pick up now!! Hallelujah!! Haha! Here you are helping sweep up one of your "uh-ohs" (that are never really uh-ohs by the way--I do appreciate that you pretend it was an accident for my sanity though). You LOVE the broom. I hope you keep that love so one day Mommy doesn't have to sweep...ah, dreams.
Your new thing is to try to ride Tank. Let me be honest with you....he is NOT a fan. You also try to catch his tail. Not a big fan of that either. Just FYI.
But you LOVE Tank pretty much more than anything else. You also love to throw everything. We are working on this--your family is tired of being hit with random objects unexpectedly!
Haha! This picture says it all. You don't want to listen!! I thought I had until your teenage years for this but apparently it starts at 1 year and not 13. No, seriously, this is how I knew you had an ear infection. You are on your second dose of antibiotics and hopefully it is gone now!!
Oh! One day you went to bed totally normal and woke up looking like this!! I may have panicked a little. We went straight to the doctor's office. He thought you had allergies and probably got something in your eye. He said it would clear up by itself...and it did.
You love your "bubby bubby bubby bubby". For some reason you can't say his name just once (or Daddy's or Mommy's) have to say them at least 5 times. I just love your sweet voice! You are saying so many things these days! You repeat almost anything we say (when you are in the mood).
Your bubby loves you so much too. He just always look at you with so much admiration. It melts my heart and I am just so thankful to God that his plan was to give you two to us this close together because I wouldn't change it for the world.
Lilly, like I say every month, we are just blessed beyond words to have you as part of our family. I don't know what I did before you and don't care to remember. You are the sweetest little girl with a personality that is just out of this world! You are our little social butterfly and every one that meets you just falls in love with you! We couldn't love you more (but somehow tomorrow we will!) and we just thank God for you daily. Can't wait to see what you do this next month!


Lyr said...

Those bubble pictures are so stinking cute! I love them! Happy 20 months! Can you believe how fast they go?!?! I can't believe my baby is 31 months!

Rebekah said...

the bubble pics are adorable! i can hear the laughter!