Wednesday, May 19, 2010


First let me apologize for leaving you all hanging after such a "downer" post. I really meant to post a happy one the next day but just have had NO time. The shot and antibiotic did not help Reid's fact they got worse. We went to the ENT Monday and he was like, "these are seriously infected". I already knew they had gotten worse before he said that though. Also, Lilly has another ear infection too...which I also knew before he told me. Lovely....
We scheduled tubes for this morning. I was anxious all week but knew it needed to be done. Nothing else worked and we had tried all available medicines. God reassured me that it was the right decision last night when Reid could not sleep at all. I ended up staying up in the recliner so he could sleep some. We could tell he was just simply miserable!!
For little to no sleep, he was in fairly good spirits while we waited for the tubes. We had to get there at 7:00 am and his surgery was at 8:15. I cried a little walking into the pre-op area. It is hard to imagine your sweet little baby being in an operating room regardless of how "minor" the procedure might be. I have to take a deep breath every time I use the word "surgery".
He played with his spoon and a couple of other toys until it was time to go.

The hospital bracelet. The nurse kept talking about his cute lets...she mentioned the word chubby. Haha. I LOVE his legs. He hasn't eaten the past couple of days. I was really worried because he couldn't have anything to eat this morning but it turned out that he hasn't wanted to eat anyway. ):
The doctor came in and stamped a butterfly stamp by both ears to let them know he was getting tubes. I am not going to lie....this made me doubt their system if they needed to stamp his face to remember what they are doing to him??? I guess it is more important that they do, indeed, remember than how they remember...I guess.
They took him away and he was fine with that. He didn't cry. In less than 15 minutes the doctor came out and told us that everything had went great. In a couple more minutes they came to get us because he was awake. He was so confused and cried a little bit. Then he settled down until another kid SCREAMED his head off....after 5 minutes of that Reid went into a melt down!! I think he just couldn't figure it out. He didn't settle down until he fell asleep in the car a few minutes into the ride home.
Since we got home, he has still been fussy and refused to eat much of anything. I am hopeful though because he has been asleep for about two hours and he was SO TIRED. I am hoping he will wake up feeling MUCH MUCH BETTER. Also, I need to thank my MIL for traveling down here on short notice. She stayed with Lilly during the tube ordeal and I was able to take a much needed nap once we got home!! She was a life saver. Plus, she is helping take care of the kids while we move this weekend....Oh yeah, did I mention that we are moving during all of this?? I have got to finish packing because we are loading up soon!! Understand the lack of posts??? Haha.


Jenna said...

So glad it went well!! I was going to call you but I have no voice today, but know that I was thinking about you and praying for Mr. Reid! I hope the tubes start helping him soon. What a great MIL!

John, Brittney, and Trevor said...

So glad things went well!! I know that you know it will be the best thing you ever did. You'll get to sleep again!! yay. So glad we put Trev's in when he was 10 months because like you, I thought I was gonna lose my mind!! You feel so bad for them and you hurt when they hurt so it's hard. We'll pray for you guys and remember when your about to lose your mind during all this
I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me.
He will get you through!!!!!

MoMo said...

How blessed I feel to have such wonderful grandchildren and to have a daughter that that is such a loving Mommy.
God once again has answered our prayers and now maybe you and Matt can get some much needed rest.