Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Backyard-The Finale

Okay, so until now, you haven't really seen the "redneck" aspect of the backyard and may be thinking I over-sold here it is in all it's glory--the remainder of the backyard! Haha. Reid is sporting a comb-over just for this occasion. (c:
This is one of our two blow-up pools. Lilly is mad in this picture because the water isn't spraying out of the dolphin's nose (like it does when it is hooked up to the hose).
I picked this pool out because it had two areas with two different water levels. A shallower (word?) section for Reid and a deeper section for Lilly. Somehow it never crossed my mind that Reid would constantly be trying to climb into the deeper area of the pool to get to the spraying water. Oh, and please note the water hose in the background that had to be strewn about in order to hook it up to said pool.
Mr. Handsome!!
This pool was a HUGE hit and I would HIGHLY recommend it.
Lilly practicing her kicks and Mr. Adventure diving in the deep end.
Lilly sitting oh so lady-like. Haha.
I had to include this because Reid just crawled in and out of the pool whenever. Such a smartie!
Lilly sitting in the storage coffee table.
Reid thinking about shutting her in there! Hehehe.
The swing set. And, yes, we do mow our yard. It had just been raining daily for weeks and the grass was growing at unbelievable speed!
Lady-like and fully dressed...nice!
Ah, here we go! Blow-up pool pushed under the slide-check. Babies running around in diaper and underwear-check. Blow-up pool #2 -check. Water diapers in the background-double check.
Matt liked this pool because it had a basketball goal and ring toss for the "kids" (wink, wink).
Playing around the yard in the swim diapers. Some days our backyard had some skinny dippers (the babies...not the adults!)
So, there you have it--the end of the backyard tour. It may not be the most aesthetically pleasing yard, but it has provided us with a summer full of fun and great memories. We are so blessed and I am so thankful that our kids have these fun things to keep them entertained! (Thanks in large to DeDe and Mike...(c:)


Anonymous said...

How fun! We may need to come over and play. Have a great day.

Todd and Courtney said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE it and wish we could come play. What kind of swing set is that? Ive been checking Craigslist and other sites trying to find one.

Emily said...

Hi! I just found your blog and seen you have two babies one year apart like me. Mine will be 2 and 1 in October. It's always fun reading about others who are raising two children around the same age!!!