Friday, August 20, 2010

Beach Day 3

Day three started out as every day at the beach did. Reid wakes up around 7-8. One of us would take him upstairs to Mike and DeDe's condo and hang out with him so he didn't wake Lilly up. Then, Matt and I would bring Lilly up as soon as she woke up. Mike cooked breakfast every day. Then, Reid went down for his morning nap.
We decided that once Reid got up from his nap we would run to TJ Maxx and Marshall's. I had never been to a Marshalls and was on a search for a painting for my living room. (No luck on that.)
It started off as a great trip. Lilly took this stroller and baby doll and pushed it around TJ Maxx for a little while. She went off shopping with DeDe and Daddy while I looked around in a different part of the store. All was good....
Until Matt tried to take something that she had found to buy away. She threw a fit. So, he tried to give it back to her just to make her happy (and DeDe was saying she would just get it for her--spoiled?? Haha.) but she took it and just threw it down and started screaming at the top of her lungs. I tried to just take her out of the situation until she calmed down (which took quite some time in the glass (as in everyone could see us and was watching us) entry way of TJ Maxx. She finally calmed down and gave a "sorry hug" and started using her words. Then we went back inside to find the rest of the gang and as soon as she saw Daddy she ran to him and started screaming all over I was the bad guy. At that point-it was time to just leave. It was horrible and embarrassing and I left the store in tears.
So we grabbed some Taco Bell and headed back to the room. We had lunch and the kids went down for a nap. I needed to get out and some alone time. So, I went to Marshall's...which was a let down!! It had the exact same stuff as TJ Maxx did...and I was in no mood to be reminded of TJ Maxx at the time! Haha. After that I went to Kohls. I can always depend on Kohls!!! They had the BEST deals. I was able to get my shorts for our beach photo for $6 and found this package of clear magnetic frames for the fridge and the Deceptively Delicious cookbook for only $5. I was pumped and the morning trauma (or drama) was forgotten.
Lilly, Reid, and Daddy were all happy when I got back as well. Win, win, win, win situation. LOVE those. We decided we were going to do kid-friendly things for the rest of the trip.
So we got ready and went to the pool. DeDe had left this hat in our room and Lilly thought she needed to wear it!

Putting it on....
Almost got it...
There we go! It is a good thing she is so stinking cute!! Haha. We had a good time at the pool and just relaxed for the rest of the day.
Then, Matt's dad cooked shrimp, crabcakes, and some kind of shrimp/crab dip that was really good. Becca also made these little appetizer-type things that were made with apricot, jalapeno, and doesn't sound good but they were super tasty!! All in all, day 3 still turned out to be a pretty good day! Is it really possible to have a "bad day" at the beach, though??

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Everday Edwards said...

I came across your blog today and wanted to say hi. You have a sweet family.