Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Beach Wrap-Up

Well since we have been home for over two weeks, it is officially time to wrap up the beach. Plus, I need to blog about a few other things that have happened in the last couple of weeks and finish the backyard tour (the finale is really the best part...haha) BEFORE this weekend because we have a ton going on INCLUDING the BIRTHDAY PARTY that will need to be blogged about so it is time to catch up! So, without further adieu, here is day 5 and 6. Wednesday night for some reason nobody slept. So, both kids took a morning nap and I used that time to get a little beach time by myself. It was marvelous! There is just something so calming about being on a beach!!
Aunt Becca pushed Lilly and Reid all over the place in this laundry basket--they LOVED it!
Almost every night, we would play for a while before bed at DeDe and Mike's condo.
Reid really started walking more and more at the beach. Now, he is pretty much a walker around the house. It is still so weird to see him bop right past me!
Lilly and Reid are playing together more and more...they will both head back to the playroom at the house and just play away. Soooo sweet....but I am digressing.
Lilly is in a bit of a "wrestling" phase. Maybe I can blame this on Uncle Bert??? Probably not since I don't think he wrestled with her but I think I am going to anyway. Haha.
She likes to tackle Reid and really thinks it is hysterical to tickle him.
Sometimes he agrees with her.....
sometimes not so much!! She also tries to tackle him when he is walking across the room. A lot of people say to just let her while she has the chance since he will be bigger than her soon. I say no because I am not going to let him tackle her either! Haha.
We went to the pool both Thursday and Friday. Lilly was so impressive in her swimming abilities. There were so many times throughout the trip when I would look at her and see a little girl instead of a baby. Tear. Sigh. I am so happy seeing her growing up--it just happens so fast!
On Friday we decided to just do lunch at the pool. Believe it or not, Lilly typically eats more when she can eat a bite, run around for a minute, eat another bite, run around, etc.
Thursday night we did our annual beach photo in khakis and white shirts. My group one is really dark but here are a couple of awesome ones that Becca took of Lilly and Reid.
This is my first 8 X 10 photo of them together. LOVE IT!!!
I also just love this picture of Lilly and Reid with their DeDe. They love their DeDe and Mike! And DeDe and Mike love them and spoil them beyond rotten....or just really ripe as some might say. Ha.
We went to dinner at DarWell's on Thursday night. It was another place that had been on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. OH MY GOSH--this was the BEST place we ate at the whole trip...and quite possibly EVER...it definitely makes the top of the list for sure!!! In fact, we liked--scratch that--LOVED it so much that....
we ate there Friday night too!! They had these cute little drawing on the cups for the ladies. I believe this was the "rocker chick".
This was it at night. It has bands play every night and the food is to die for! The crawfish etouffee was SO DELICIOUS.
Lilly and Reid really loved getting to spend a whole week playing with Uncle Bert....
and Aunt Becca! (Mommy and Daddy really enjoyed having extra people to entertain the busy twins too!)
We had such a great time and can't wait for next year!!! Oh, and the guy to the right of Becca is Papa Darwell. He used to run the place but now his son does but he still hangs out and makes it a really fun place to go...if you look close you can see that there is a rubber chicken hanging out the top of his shirt.


Lindsey Cobb said...

I love that you went to Darwells! Scott and I watch DDD all the time and want to take a trip across the USA to try all the resturants. We remember Darwells from their show. Our mouths are watering! Glad y'all had a great trip!

Anonymous said...

It looks like a great trip! You are busy I'm sure getting ready for the big birthday! Have a great week.