Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Road to the Beach

Well, as we were getting things ready to go the beach, Lilly came down with a virus. I walked in the room to find her just standing in place shaking from head to toe. Took her fever, it was 101.8 (which the nurse kept annoyingly calling "low-grade fever" ma'am it is NOT "low-grade"). She also ended up "getting sick". She just sat completely still like this on either Matt or I for about 24 hours. I thought we were going to have to have her hospitalized because she is NEVER still. It was so hard to see her and know she was miserable.Friday afternoon she seemed to be feeling better so we went ahead and packed everything up and made the trip to Matt's parents house so we could split the drive up a little bit. We got there, went to bed, got up and hit the road to the beach. By this time she was feeling better but was NOT in the mood to ride in the car! She screamed the first two hours of the trip. She fell asleep for about 2 minutes before Reid threw something that woke her up and upset her again. So, we stopped for a bite to eat and moved Reid (the easy rider) into the car with DeDe and Mike. The remainder of the trip went perfectly.
We got to the beach about 5ish. Lilly was really excited to be out of the car and to see DeDe, Mike, Bert, and Becca!
We went to a place called The White Cap for dinner! It was delicious!! One great thing about being at the beach with family is that there were plenty of people to keep Lilly and Reid busy and entertained! There was a little boy running up and down the ramp to the restaurant so Lilly thought she needed to do that too.
It was at The White Cap that Reid discovered his LOVE for the crab cake (you guys will not believe all of the stuff he is eating!). This boy loves loves loves crab cakes!!!
They are delicious guys! Seriously!
Then we went back and played in the condo for a little while before hitting the sack.
Reid especially liked the coffee table!
Why do we even buy toys??...and then pack them for them to play with on vacation??
He made it all the way through the table (multiple times) and then we hit the big tired family! So far--sleeping is going fantastically (I am knocking on wood as I type this...but you can do it too as you read it). We are so blessed to be here and are loving our trip! I am so thrilled to be on vacation! (When we first left and Lilly was screaming Matt said maybe we should just go back to Little which point I sternly told him that we WOULD BE arriving at the beach that day or he would be single because I would be going to a mental institute...haha! I was joking but I was so ready for a break...we have been to the doctor 4 times this month AND I was taking care of 2 extra kids. Thank you Lord for this trip!!)


Lindsey Cobb said...

Sounds like it was pretty crazy before you left. Hope y'all have a great week!

Anonymous said...

I am sorry things didn't start off well. I hope sweet girl is feeling better. I hope you all have a great time away. It is fun to get away and nice with family too to help you with the kids.