Wednesday, July 28, 2010

11 Months

Oh Buddy--it hurt just type out "11 Months"! How is my sweet BABY boy already 11 Months. I have seriously had to start planning your birthday party just to keep myself from getting all is a is zoo-themed! (We are taking you and your sister to the KC Zoo for your birthdays so we are sticking to that theme.) Well, as you can see, you are even cuter than last month! You are also becoming quite the curious George too. You have no issue with just staring at someone to try to figure out what in the world they are up to! I love that!! (You may or may not get....we will call it your "inquisitiveness" from me.) You figured out the drawer under the stove and you love to open it and bang the pans together. You are about to figure out the cabinets which means Mommy and Daddy are probably going to have to do a little child-proofing. You are worth it!
You have taken your first steps!! We are so very proud of you--and so are you!!! You have still only taken a few steps at a time, but OH MAN do you want to be a full time walker! If you aren't walking on your own then you are trying to find something to help you walk....i.e. your sister's upside down "potty" in the above picture, the baby doll stroller, your shopping cart, pushing a chair around the kitchen, etc.
You are a still my heart-melting cuddle bug...or snugglesaurus....whichever you feel is more boyish. (: Your cuddles can turn the worst day into the best....that and your sweet smile are pure magic!!!
See what I mean?? You have 8 teeth and are currently working on your bottom 2 molars. By the morning you may just have 10 teeth because you are the fastest teether!!
You are in need of your very first hair cut. It is short in the front and on the sides but it is getting long in the back...if I don't act soon you will either be sporting a mullet or a rat tail. Although I am sure you can pull it off and make it look cute, I'd rather just get it cut.
You LOVE to feed yourself and you are pretty GREAT at it. You are the best eater! I hope you stay that way because you will eat anything including VEGGIES!!! Mommy is super excited to have another veggie lover in the house--it balances us out! Pretty much if you can get it in your mouth and it doesn't bite back then you will eat it.
You love to hang out with want to be where we are. You like to sit with Daddy and watch Wipe-Out. There is just something funny to all ages about watching somebody bust it!
You have mastered all sippee cups! The ones with straws, ones with and without handles, tip up and drink sippees--you just don't care. You are the EASIEST child. You have also just changed to drinking whole milk! Mommy is very excited to say that we made it all the way to whole milk without you ever getting one single formula bottle! Woot! Woot!
You are such a sweet-natured boy. I have said it before, but I will say it again: You are the perfect mixture of sweet and rough. You are happy and content and laid-back. Your smile and laugh are impossible not to do it right along with you type contagious.
Your cousins Ethan and Emma have been over this month. You are learning all types of things! You follow them around or just sit and watch to see what they are up to. Between them and your Sissy, you stay pretty busy!
You are a pool maniac! You love love love the pool! The other day the water was FREEZING because I had just filled up the pool but you didn't care one little bit!
Today you snuck into the pool FULLY DRESSED in your PJs. You just crawl in and out at will. You love to just splash the day away!
You learned this sneaky manuever from your sister. She is always sneaking in the pool too. You also like to drink the pool water...I have to tell myself that you are just building immunities because it is just downright gross!
You love to stand up and try to walk through the water and then bang on the slide. You also climb into the deep part of the water too. No fear.
After you got your PJs wet, I had to take them off of you. You took off before I could get you dressed. You HATE diaper changes and putting clothes on--you are simply too busy for that nonsense. You are almost impossible to dress. It would be either to clothe a spider monkey!
Baby Boy, you have brought more joy to our lives these past 11 months than I can put into words. Your Daddy and I live for your sweet cuddles, adorable smile, and precious laugh!! You are getting so big so fast but it is just so exciting to watch you learn all kinds of new things each day as well! We thank God for you and pray for you daily. We love you more than you will ever know!!~ Mommy, Daddy, and Lilly
Seriously, who could not love you??


Courtney said...

It is hard to believe how fast they grown and how much they change each month. Cute pictures. I can't wait to see what is in store for his first birthday.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe Reid is 11 months old! Wow! Times passes too quickly. He is the cutest boy! I cannot believe he has already taken his first steps too. He is just trying to keep up with Lilly! I love the dark cabinets in your kitchen. Very pretty!

Amanda said...

I'm over from Jenna's Blog Hop! Your son is so cute!!!

Janice said...

Hello! I just stumbled across your blog through the blog hop, and based on mutual friends, I think you may be from my hometown (Go Panthers?!). Your kiddos are so cute. I look forward to following your blog!