Saturday, July 24, 2010

Week in Review

Is it just me or is everyone super busy lately??? Last Sunday, my Dad and Oksana came in town to see my Grandma Odie. So Lilly and I met them over there and Lilly got into the pool in nothing but her birthday suit. Haha. Afterward, we put her dress on and did a little photo shoot. Grandma Odie is out of the hospital and doing pretty good.
Lilly and I also went and visited Grandma Berti in the hospital. She got to go home this week and was thrilled about that.
On Monday we went and picked up a little playhouse for the backyard...there are pictures coming of our backyard. It is starting to look like a daycare center out there. Tuesday we went to some new friend's house for dinner (WISH I would've had my camera there--hilarious bunch of kiddos!) Matt sprained his foot Tuesday night getting some storage totes out of the garage. We thought he broke it because it swelled IMMEDIATELY...but it was just a sprain. He hopped on one leg for a couple of days. Wednesday, some friends came over to look at Lilly and Reid's clothes. I took it like a big girl. I have really been telling myself that it is better for someone to be getting use out of it now instead of the clothes just sitting in the attic. We went to lunch at Jason's Deli with some friends, napped, went to Wal-Mart, and then to small group that night.
Thursday we had a play group with some of the girls that were interns in the MAT together. It was so fun and I got to see their sweet little baby girls! This is Taelyn--she is 6 months old. Such a little doll!!
Ava is 9 months old. Isn't she just adorable??
Then here is little Katie-bug.
She is just too stinking cute for words!!!
Another picture of sweet Taelyn. Isn't it crazy how ALL of my friends have beautiful babies?? You would think at least one of them would have an ugly duckling but NOBODY does. Haha. I am just kidding--all babies are just precious!
Reid and Katie bonded over sharing a graham cracker. I have a feeling food is definitely going to be the way to Reid's heart! Haha.
After play group, we headed home and the babies napped. They woke up ready to be mess-makers!! I was doing something for a couple of minutes and turned around and this is what they were doing.
They emptied out all of the plastic spoons and cups. On the bright side, it kept them busy for hours throughout the day!
On Friday (which I have an entire post for it), we just hung at home and played. I felt like lately I have just been trying to get so much done and we have had so much going on that I really haven't taken the time to just relax and play with Lilly and Reid. So, I made sure that I reserved Friday for some quality time together. We had such a great time playing with our new outside toys and swimming in the backyard blow-up pool (or "pooooooo" as Lilly calls it). Then, today (also will have it's own post), we did some quality family time and went to the Gentry Safari together and went swimming over at Aunt Shelly's. It has been a busy week full of so many blessings!!


Jenna said...

I am DYING for pics from the safari...especially ones with Lilly and her favorite animal, haha! I told Chris what she was calling the peacocks and we were dying!

markandrenee2004 said...

Aww... such sweet pictures! We had a great time at the play date and definitely need to get together again soon!

Lilly & Reid are sooo cute! I'm sure they keep you very busy.... it's amazing what types of items make the best "toys"! Why do we waste our money on the kid toys when cups and spoons are the best anyways?

I'm finally on my actual computer to comment.... I really need to update our blog. Maybe I'll do that today!

markandrenee2004 said...

Ok, I don't know why it isn't doing anything when I click on my blogger name. My blog is