Friday, July 16, 2010

Our Week

We Scott's have been a busy family this week! Let me just share a few of the highlights from our week so that you may understand the lack of posts, comments, texts, or calls from me.
First, I am keeping my adorable little niece and nephew during the month of July (while my sister is at work). Luckily for me, they are really great kids. I would be lying if I pretended like it did not make things a little more challenging for me throughout the day. Mainly because it has rained almost every day this you know how stir crazy 4 children get when trapped inside all day???? Almost as stir crazy as the person watching them. Hahahahaha. I kid.
Also, on Monday, my Grandma Odie was put into the hospital. She is doing okay and they are releasing her today. She has had a blood clot in her leg for some time and they put a filter in a few months ago to keep it from traveling up to her lungs or heart. However, despite being on blood thinners ever since, the blood clot is still pretty good size and little pieces have broken off and made it around her lungs and possible maybe a very small one has made it close to her heart. The doctors are not too terrible concerned at this point, but I they are going to do a little bit more to try and reduce the size of the blood clot. Anyway, on Wednesday, we all made her "get well" cards and took them by the hospital.
Little man has become a professional at getting into everything. He, just like his sister, was apparently born with a super-hero type of power that enables him to find exactly what he doesn't need to have.
Aunt Shelly brought him some powdered donuts the other day.....
he was a fan! (Please note the "bed head" going on in this picture...cracks me up!)
Cutest. Thing. Ever.
Look at his clothes...I had just put him into this CLEAN outfit right before breakfast. Haha.
This little one had been a little fussy lately but I really attributed it to early terrible twos or the fact that we had extra children in the house and she was wanting some extra attention....BUT I took her to the doctor Wednesday and she has an ear infection. Poor thing. I do have to write ON RECORD that since she has been sick, she has been a total MOMMY'S GIRL!!!! (That should've been my first clue.) I don't want her to stay sick but I am loving the extra attention that I am getting. Daddy is NOT.
Then, this little fella went to the doctor today because he has been all wheezy and coughing like he smokes a couple of packs a day. Turns out he has a little bit of a virus that has inflamed his airways. The doctor also said I would probably get it too. LOVELY. Matt and Lilly already have some symptoms and I am trying to keep Ethan and Emma separated (trying being the key word) until they get picked up.
He is in fairly good spirits but you can tell he just isn't feeling 100%.
Yesterday, we were pretty much out of groceries so I decided to go to Wal-Mart with 5 children. One was my nephew Blayne who is 14 so he was able to help. He pushed one cart with two kids and I pushed the other cart with two kids. We made it with an entire grocery list (that filled the voids in both carts)...Lilly tore my list into three pieces before even walking into the store...and we still managed to get everything with no real drama. I expected some kind of award ceremony at the end with a parade for my accomplishment....but NOTHING. Haha.
Lilly has been reading outloud to her stuffed animals and her brother.
Okay, this picture is just to remind me of a story. This outfit is a little skirt with shorts attached inside instead of bloomers. So, anyway, Matt changed her diaper and put her skirt back on. I noticed her diaper was hanging out and asked where the shorts were. Matt said he couldn't find them.....he had both of legs through one of the short's legs. Haha. We laughed.
Here she is reading to Reid. I guess they were taking a break from completely destroying the toy room.
Eating spaghetti...Lilly's favorite....just like Daddy.
Eating spaghetti. Reid is mainly feeding himself these days. He is such a good is a nice change of pace!
Anyway, back to the week. Last night, I got a phone call saying that my other grandma is in the hospital too! Both grandma's are in the hospital. They aren't really sure what is wrong with this grandma--they are keeping her again tonight and running some more tests.
OH and here is my horrible mom thing of the week. I was getting all of the kids in the car to go to the Dr. Wednesday. I put Reid in his seat, help the other kids into the back of the van, load the car with bags and cups and all of the crap that goes with 4 children, and put Lilly in her seat. We drive the 3 minutes to Matt's work. I look in the backseat like every 15 seconds to check on the kiddos. We pick Matt up and pull out of his work. We both look in the backseat and to our HORROR see Reid STANDING UP backwards looking at us and smiling the day away!!!!! I had forgotten to buckle my own son up!!!!!! His car seat is rear-facing and he had turned himself around (I think when he heard Daddy get into the car) and was standing up just looking at us. The people behind us were honking for us to go but I was like "My baby isn't buckled!!" Matt had to force me to keep driving the 10 feet to pull over. Hands down--worst parenting mistake I have made so far!!!!!!! Once again, I have to take my name out of the "mother of the year" hat.
And I can't talk about my week without mentioning laundry, dishes, and sweeping the floor. Because that is what I do in my spare time. If someone asks me what my hobbies are--from now on that is my answer! Other than that, I have been trying like crazy to get the house totally put together. Hopefully I can do it this weekend....I am getting so close!!!
Bless you if you read that entire post!!! Hope everyone has a great weekend!
Edited to add: Oh, and our printer leaked ink all over our brand new carpet one day so I got to spend an entire afternoon cleaning that up. Just want to be thorough about the main events of the week. Haha.

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