Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Welcome to the most hodgepodge post ever. I will talk about today, continue to the tour of our backyard...aka-redneck land, and discuss other random things that have happened lately. It is late and I can not sleep because we have so much that needs to be done before we leave for vacation (it is a rough life--I know). We used to buy Lilly these little Graduate Cheetos and she always loved them. I don't know why but I stopped buying them thinking she had outgrown them. I think because you can only get them in the baby aisle. Anyway, we were at play group last week and Lilly scarfed down pretty much an entire can. Oh, how children humble you! My child hogged the entire thing for herself instead of sharing with the other BABIES they were intended for...haha.
So directly after play group, we went to Sam's and bought her some of her own. I handed her the FULL can and was doing something else. I looked back maybe 10 minutes later--and this was what was left in the can. I think she missed her Cheetos!
Today was a crazy day. Lilly woke up early and crying this morning. She also had a fever. Crap. (That is what I thought when this was happening.) So, I called and made another stupid pediatrician appointment...our third one this month....awesome. Anyway, the doctor said she still had fluid in her ears but it wasn't infected. That could cause some issues first thing in the morning. Also, she is cutting her two year molars. Ugh--it takes her at least two months to cut a tooth through. Worst. Teether. Ever! So we had a little bit of a rough morning. She would be happily playing and then all of the sudden something would happen (i.e. Bubby touched her, a fall, deciding she wanted a drink, etc.) to just ruin her life temporarily.
Then, in the afternoon, her day was completely destroyed by the above cut. I have no idea what happened...it is a mystery that is driving me crazy. She was just playing in front of the couch-can't explain it. Anyway, the cut is short but it is pretty deep so I decided to get her shoes on and take her to Daddy just to make sure it wasn't serious. (This is probably the point where I should mention that I actually was afraid he was going to say she needed stitches...I didn't think so but I needed a second opinion. I am no good in a crisis. [I did just laugh at myself for calling this a crisis--I spent too much time with my dramatic daughter today. Haha.]) Before we could get out the door, we had a surprise visit from Poppy Mike! He took one look at her knee, laughed, and said, "She is fine. That is just a scrape. Put Neosporin and a Band-Aid on it." Easy for a father of boys! So that is what we did. However, Miss Priss still cried every few seconds so we ended up just getting in the car and driving around until Matt got off work.
The day took a lot out of us so I didn't feel like cooking. We went to Taco Bell--we can eat really cheaply at TB. Reid had some Cinnamon twists. Funniest thing ever! He was covered from head to toe in Cinnamon Sugar. By the time I got him cleaned off with wipes, he had been thoroughly exfoliated!! Ha!
We got this play tree house off CraigsList a couple of weeks ago. Lilly likes to slide down the ramp to get in it. It took her a few days to figure out that was how she was supposed to get in. Before that, she was just climbing through the window.
Lilly loves to open and shut the shutters. (Is that what they are called?)
Last Friday was Friday Night Out at our church. Matt and I went and ate dinner, walked around Target (somehow we end up at Target every FNO...we can't figure out how but it just keeps happening), and then we went and got a Sno Cone. We decided to get a picture of us while we were there. It was a process! It is hard to do a self-portrait with a foot height difference...
This was the best we could do so we asked another Sno Cone enthusiast to take our picture. Matt said...and I quote, "Could you please take a picture of us? Eating Sno Cones is a monumental occasion for us!" I can't lie--I detected a hint of sarcasm.
The happy couple. I am SO THANKFUL for FNO at our church!!! It really helps since both sets of grandparents live out of town!!
BubbyLoo! I just love this handsome thing. He was in a great mood today--he would just crack up any time I looked in his direction.
Her hair is getting so long and curly! I am afraid to cut it because I am afraid it will lose that curl!! I am continually amazed at how blessed we are with these two precious babies!
I wanted to get a cute picture of her hair...my trick used to be to strap her down in her carseat to get a good picture because she couldn't run away. Unfortunately, she caught on...this was the best I could do.
This is ALMOST the precious site...almost because it just isn't as precious as....
this little smiling happy face!! That is enough randomness for one night. On to doing dishes and accomplishing enough where my mind will shut down and allow me to go to sleep!


Jenna said...

Love all the pics! The monumental occasion statement is soooo something Chris would have said! I'll call you in a bit!

Anonymous said...

What a cute post! Sorry you can't sleep. Are you anxious for vacation? I hope you all have a great time! I love how Lilly was eating the babies snack so cute! I hope she is not getting sick. Post house pictures soon so we can see. And the treehouse off craigslist is adorable!!