Monday, July 12, 2010


For the 4th of July weekend, we went to Matt's hometown to visit DeDe, Mike, and the rest of the family there. Matt's parents have a pool...which we used every day while we were there....for hours each day. I could just kiss those cute little cheeks!!
Lilly got on the walrus with Annabelle (a friend of one of the cousins). Lilly thought she was big stuff! Haha. Lilly NEVER wants to get out of the pool. They have a sliding glass door and she will go to it and point outside and say "pool!"
Eli being silly Eli!! Such a fun boy!
Colt (Eli's little brother, also Lilly and Reid's cousin). Colt and Reid did a lot of splashing together.
Saturday night, Matt's good friend Ryan came over with his two kids Laci and Luke. Lilly just LOVED Laci. She kept going up to her and sitting in her lap.
Checking her out. Laci laughing at her.
Luke and Laci...I have known these two since they were born....I can't believe how big they have gotten!!
Reid really loves Melissa. He always smiles really good in pictures with her. She is probably the sweetest person I know and I think he just knows she is sweet....just like he is!
And of course Lilly and Reid both LOVE Uncle Bert and Aunt Becca. Even when Lilly would go through phases when she was nervous around people, she always went right to Bert!
Melissa, Thomas, Ray, Reid, and about a wild bunch! Haha.
Then we got to have lunch with GrandDaddy and Eutha. Lilly, as you can probably tell, had some spaghetti. This girl LOVES her spaghetti--just like her Daddy.
Reid snuggling with DeDe...those grandparents always hogging the baby loving. Haha!! Just kidding.
Checking out GrandDaddy...I think these two are pretty good friends.
Good buddies!

Lilly in there....we tried to get a picture of Reid and Eutha in there too but I had (apparently) passed the allowable picture limit for my children.
Talking with DeDe!
Lilly talking about it with Uncle Bert. We had a great weekend with family! It was so good to have an extended weekend so that we could spend more time with family and friends!!
This weekend we just hung out and were pretty productive on the house. I have our bathroom organized and almost picture stay tuned...I just have to hang the picture in there!!


Anonymous said...

I am glad you had a wonderful time with family! I love all the pool pictures. Can Reid teach Thomas how to smile for pictures? He takes the best pictures!!

Sarah Fries said...

Wow, what a busy holiday weekend! So fun! I love the pictures with Reid and the grandpa!