Friday, July 2, 2010

MoMo and Papa Ray

Well, the good news is that MoMo and Papa Ray came to town to play!!! The bad news is that they are moving far away!!!! I, personally, think that STINKS!! Nobody asked my permission (or even my opinion) on the matter I will express it here. MoMo and Reid.
Lilly giving her bear a kiss with Papa Ray. This bear is made out of my great-grandma's quilts that she made and the scarf is even something she made too. Lilly LOVES her very special bear.
Lilly and MoMo loving on the bear together.
Reid and Papa Ray. I think Ray is squeezing those sweet thighs. (c:
Lilly sat on Papa Ray and started bouncing. Reid thought it was pretty hilarious. He stood beside them and bounced too!
Papa Ray bracing himself for some more bouncing....
They love with MoMo and Papa Ray come over! We are going to miss them soooo much and already want them to move back here right now!!!!
Reid is so curious these days. He is soooo funny. MoMo was playing with Lilly and he crawled and put his head right in between theirs and just started smiling so that they would give him some attention too!!
MoMo and Papa Ray also brought them these cute little outfits. The only way they can get any cuter is for my sweet babies to be wearing them!
Reid has decided he likes to "fold" laundry. I finally get Lilly to let me do the laundry without undoing it all.....and Reid starts in....that is just the way it goes, isn't it??
Lilly's new thing: sitting in the play shopping cart (that Reid WALKS around with...he doesn't walk on his own but he does cruise this thing all about the house).
Silly Lilly!
On this particular occasion, she was sitting in it and watching tv.
Life is never boring with these two and I wouldn't have it any other way!!

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