Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Beach Day 1/ Real World Day 1

Our first day at the beach in Biloxi was great. We usually go to Gulf Shores, but since we weren't sure about oil at the time when we had to decide, we decided to try Biloxi since it was mainly blocked from the oil. We didn't see any oil while we were there but we did see some BP crews walking the beach. Biloxi ended up being really great for us because the water is really shallow for a ways out and the waves are small--PERFECT for two small babies.
We woke up, Mike made us all a yummy breakfast, and then we headed out to the beach!
The first thing Reid did when he got to the sand was taste a big bite of it! You can see him digging his fingers into the sand in this picture. He wasn't really sure whether he liked being in the sand or not.
A few feet into the ocean, there was a sandbar so we set up there. The sand on the beach was just too hot! This way the sand was nice and cool and we were in the water. Lilly decided to try and lay out like Becca and Mommy...for about 5 seconds. Haha.
Isn't she prissy??
After a little while at the beach, we decided to hit the pool. The water in the pool was cool and refreshing--sooo nice because our first day was our hottest day there!
We also learned that Lilly knows how to swim! She was wearing her bathing suit that has a built-in life jacket in it. She just doggy-paddled back and forth to everyone. I was AMAZED. I had no idea she had those skills! It also made the pool much more relaxed for me! After the pool, our little family went back to the condo and we all took a nap! Then, we got ready for dinner! Matt was really sweet and kept trying to keep the kids out of the bathroom while I got ready. I have given up on the illusion of privacy in the bathroom with small children but it was really sweet of him to try and give me some time to myself!!
That night we went to The Shed for dinner. It was on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. I believe it falls into the "dive" category because it looks like a dump! Seriously, they named it "The Shed" because when they got a permit for it, they got a permit to build a shed. Although I have my questions about the stability of the building, the food was DELICIOUS. The ribs, brisket, and potatoe salad were soooo good.
Lilly loved all of the junk, errr...I mean decorations they had.
She loved this old type-writer.
She even managed to sneak away from Matt and I (and give us heart-attacks in the process) to find it and play some more!
We found her though!
After we ate, we went outside and hung out for a little while. Lilly shared some cheese-its with Reid. They didn't really have any "kid" options so Lilly and Reid had pop-tarts, animal crackers, and cheese-its for dinner.
Becca and Bert. Our kids LOVE their aunt and uncle.
Our little family!
I love this picture. They are all laughing at each other....I am focused on just smiling for the camera. Haha.
Mike, Lilly, Reid, and DeDe. We are so blessed to have DeDe and Mike--we really appreciate them taking us to the beach every year! Such a blessing and we always make great memories!!
The kids also love getting to spend quality time with them too!!
Well, this is the real world day 1 part of this post and it isn't nearly as exciting as beach day 1!! We were fairly lazy yesterday! I did, however, make us a healthy pizza for lunch using these ingredients! In an effort to make sure my picky Lilly gets at least one nutritional meal each day, I decided to try and create a healthy-version of pizza (her favorite). So, I found these healthy tortillas, some pizza sauce, cheese, and pepperoni. I looked for turkey pepperoni but couldn't find it.
Lilly was really excited about P-P (pizza). I just laid out the tortilla, spooned sauce on it, covered it with cheese, and added pepperoni. I baked it at 375 degrees for 10 minutes. (Spray the pan with Pam beforehand so it doesn't stick.)
This is what it looks like. I was very generous with both the cheese and pepperoni and this whole pizza is still less than 350 calories. (The tortilla is high in fiber and is only 100 calories and made with whole wheat flour.) And, it was pretty tasty--and most importantly Lilly loved it!
The only other exciting thing that happened was that Reid and Lilly collided and Lilly ended up with a bleeding and fat lip! Ironically, they collided again today and now her top lip is fat too. Geesh!!


Anonymous said...

I love all the Beach pictures. What a fun trip! I love that you researched and found the BBQ place. I heart BBQ! And honestlt some the best places I've ever eaten were holes on the wall. lol

Chea said...

Love the beach pictures! That pizza you made sounds great. I think I will try that for dinner sometime!