Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Day at the Park

Well since we are on night 3 of severe weather in our area I thought I would blog about a sunny day. A sunny day that we spent at the park! Lilly loved climbing up and sitting on the dinosaur.

Look at that sweet smile. Makes up for moments like today when she claimed, "I cain't (can't) listen!"

This is her mid-story. She makes the best facial expressions when she tells you a story. She is very serious so I have to try my hardest not to laugh...but it so funny and cute!

We met some sweet friends like this little cutie at the park to play! Jillian is so sweet and happy....not to mention ADORABLE!

Addy too! Addy and Lilly are in KDO together and are big buddies. Addy's parents were in birthing classes with Matt and I. We didn't become friends from there, though--we ended up becoming friends in church. Lilly and Addy's birthdays are one day apart. They also have a little boy just a couple months younger than Reid. It is fun having friends that have kids the same age as both of our kids.

Reid was way too busy to pose for pictures. He squeaked all over the playground thanks to DeDe! She got him some new razorback squeakers and he LOVES them.

This is Addy's little brother Sam. Reid says Sam's name and it is precious. It is his first friend that he has talked about by name.

Brody, Reid, and Lilly checking out the happenings on the playground. We are so thankful for sweet friends and sunny days at the park!! Well--back to severe-weather-watching for me! Stay safe!!


Jennifer said...

Cute pictures! We will have to go back there again soon! I really liked that park.

Lindsey Cobb said...

The park is so fun! Looks like y'all had a great time! We just found out today that your church is getting our children's minister! We are so sad! That is a wonderful family! Y'all will love him!

Anonymous said...

Hope you all are safe! The weather all over the country has been wild this spring. I feel so thankful we were spared when it was near us, but so sad for so many who lost everything! Have a great week!!