Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Reid is 20 months old. Gulp. Reid you are such a fun boy! When you got your pictures made I asked how you did and they said, "OH he was such a ham! He just smiled so big for the camera and kept laughing!!" I am glad you did because that pretty much sums up your little personality.

You are a "big" boy for your age. You are the same size or bigger than a lot of your older friends. You have been in 2T for about 6 months. People are always asking me if you and Lilly are twins.

This week I have had to drag you out of the bathtub after an hour of playing in it. You just love the bath!!! You like to fill your cup with water from the faucet and dump it out everywhere. We are working on keeping all water INSIDE the tub. You also just plain LOVE to splash.

Look at your sweet face! You can just melt my heart with a look. Your personality is just as sweet as your face. You love to snuggle up in my lap and read books. (You are obsessed with reading books!) Today we were at Sam's and Lilly (or Sissy as you call her) and Daddy were still eating so you and I decided to go walking around. I was pushing you in the cart and you started holding your arms out really wide and then giving me "big hug"s. It was sooooo precious. You are very generous with your kisses and you think it is hilarious if you hold something up (a toy, the palm of your hand, etc) and I kiss it. I don't know what is so funny about it but you love it. You are also a big fan of "woo hoo" kisses. You have a good snuggle time right after you wake up from your nap. It is one of my favorite times of the day.

You say almost every thing your sister says. It has nothing to do with me teaching is all your sister. You say the words exactly like she does. We call you Pete-as in Repeat. Your KDO teachers always talk about how smart you are (for the record, I am NOT your KDO teacher but I do whole-heartedly agree). You want to do whatever Lilly does. You want to eat what Lilly is eating, drink what Lilly is drinking, watch what Lilly is watching, play what Lilly is playing, etc. You LOVE your sister.

You are a good sleeper. You never wake up at night. You are ready for bed at 8 and you get up at 8 in the morning. If you sleep in--it is until 8:30 but you are almost always up at 8. At night we rock together, pray (you fold your hands and say "Amen" at the end), and read a couple of books. Then we kiss and I lay you down, start your giraffe, cover you up, and say "night-night". You take an average of a two-hour nap every day. You sing and talk yourself to sleep. I love listening to you over the monitor.

You call every bird (including penguins) "ducks". Last night we went to the park and you were chasing the little birds (or "ducks") and as soon as you got close to them they flew away and you turned around and said, "I got it!" and started giggling.

You like to walk around with your towel over your face and then pull it down...kind of like peek-a-boo but there is a lot of running into living room furniture involved in this version. I can not lay down on the floor without you coming and sitting on my stomach and bouncing up and down. You want to RUN everywhere. You don't really walk anymore--you are full speed all the time. Running and giggling all the way.

You love to play "bongo belly". This is where you hit your hands on your belly as if it were a bongo and we sing "bongo bongo belly". We also do bongo knees/table/etc. You know a lot of body parts including eyes, ears, nose, mouth, head, shoulders, knees, toes, belly, belly button, bottom, etc.

You love any kind of ball. You have a pretty good arm too! You love to throw a ball and then chase it down. They say your daddy was the same way. I pray you get his athletic ability and not mine! Ha! (Or maybe not since the day we found out you were a boy...I said, "Oh no! He might want to play football and get hurt!" :)

You are a good eater. You LOVE all things sweet. "Bownie" (brownie) is one of your favorite words. You speak in sentences and have for a while now. For example you can say "I want bownie pease". "I need a get dowwwwn." "I unna (wanna) watch Gaba." That is just to name a couple.

We did a few egg hunts with you and you were pretty funny.

You would find an egg, put it in your basket, and then stop, take it out of your basket, open it, and eat what was inside. THEN you would go and try to find another egg.

I tried to explain that you need to find all the eggs first and then you would end up with more candy but you weren't interested in changing your methods.

I love the expression on your face in this picture! You look like you are up to something. (;

You can spot a plane before anybody else. Your Daddy says you are better at finding planes than Tattoo. You say, "airkane, airkane". You know your friends' names at school and like to point to everyone and say their names. You broke your last molar through the other day! Mommy did a happy dance because both you and your sister are done with teething for now!!! Wahoo!!

Reid you are so happy! I pray that always have that joy!! You giggle and are so fun. You love to play games. You are the perfect combination of sweet and all boy. Your little grin can make a gloomy moment happy instantly! Your daddy and I are so thankful for the opportunity to be your parents and just like with your sister--we can't wait to see what you are going to do next and hear what you are going to say next. We know God has big plans for both of you!! Biiiiig Hugs!!


Anonymous said...

His pictures are precious! You may have missed the post but were moving to a new post in Jan. (Christian comes home for good in Dec.) We are really excited!! It is the type of unit within the army Christian has prayed about working with for a long time. Reid is such a sweet boy. I wish you all were closer to us. Or we would be closer when we move...I have missed your posts!

Courtney said...

I love his pictures too. He looks so much older. Sounds like he is a busy little boy who is loving life.

The Coleman Family said...

So sweet! He is such a cutie pie! Happy 20 mos. Reid!

The Bostians said...

Such a handsome little man! Love these posts!