Monday, May 2, 2011

Genius! Princess, Lettuce Wraps, & Shopping Trip Too

Okay so last weekend we decided to take the kids to see Rio. We were just going to take Lilly but MoMo really wanted all of her grandkids to go...including Reid. So, as we were thinking of how that would be possible and I got the idea to just take their carseats inside the theater. Genius!!

They got to watch the movie without the option of getting down and running around.

Of course we had to get a drink and snacks--and of course,



This week at Lilly's KDO, it is princess and prince week. She is learning that she is God's princess and practicing her "princess behavior" (saying please and thank you, being a loving friend, etc.) and earning jewels for her crown for doing it! So fun!! She loved her princess dress and special princess hair.

LOVE this princess!

After a weekend out of town--I knew we needed to try and eat healthy to balance the crap we ate this weekend. So tonight we tried an Asian Lettuce Wraps recipe that I got from my friend Lindsay's food blog. They were super yummy! We substituted turkey instead of hamburger mean and EVOO instead of vegetable oil and added chopped up water chestnuts too. I will say that next time (and there WILL be a next time--it is a fast, easy, and healthy recipe) I make these--I will wash the lettuce earlier in the day because I washed it right beforehand and the lettuce was still a little wet. Also, I felt like a bonafide chef buying ginger at the store. Ha!!

Ok--so one of my new year's resolutions was to stick to my couponing--and I have failed miserably. I have just been overwhelmed trying to keep up with all of my other resolutions. But enough of the excuses--I am back on it again. Tonight I went to Walgreens and got all of the above stuff for great deals!

Noxema Razors--$1 moneymaker Gillette Fusion--$0.89

Tylenol Precise--Free Pantene 2-in-1--$1.50 each

Gum-Floss-things--Free Right Guard body wash-2 for free (not pictured)

Raisin Bran--$1.29/box Frosted Flakes--$1.50/box
Fruit Loops/Corn Pops--$1.70/box Laffy Taffy--$0.15 (this was just filler items 4 coupons)

Since in Arkansas you pay tax on the pre-manufacturers coupon amount, my total was $17.

Then I headed to Wal-Mart and did some price matching with my local Aldi's ad. Sometimes I just go to Aldi's but this week I just didn't need anything else there.

Cantaloupe--$1.29 (this is about $.50 less than they were priced at WM)

Bananas--$.44/pound (they were $.54/pound)

Mangos--$.49/each (they were $.88/each)

Strawberries--$.99 (they were $1.88)

Avacados--$.49/each (they were $.88)

Then I price matched the sugar to IGA at $.99 (usually $2.98).

The fabric softner is one I don't usually get but it was only $.30 after my coupon so I decided to give it a try...on my towels first...I have sensitive skin. (:

Anyway--it has been a great start to the week! Hope you all are having a great week too!!


The Bostians said...

I am so impressed with your couponing. I have been doing a lot of research but haven't really attempted it yet. You will have to blog more about the deals you get so I can learn! :)

Anonymous said...

What a good idea about the carseats at the movies. I will have to keep that in mind...I know in the summer time they usually have one and two dollar movies for the kiddies. Lilly looks so pretty as Snow White! Your coupon deals are great. I try, but am amazed at that TLC show. They need to school me! lol