Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Farm Friends!!

Every year the Pauline Whitaker has an event called Farm Friends. It is free to get into and you can go see (and touch) all kinds of farm animals. We decided to take the kids since they LOVE them some farm animals! The goats were the first thing we saw and Reid just kept pointing and laughing and saying "goat". Like, "Are you guys seeing what I am seeing?? A goat?? Right in front of us?? A goat!!" Ha!

Lilly kept trying to open all of the cages. Which is pretty funny considering she didn't really want to touch any of the animals.

They had a bucket of baby chicks that you could hold. The chicks were about a day old.

Reid would pet them with one finger. Lilly just wanted to look...if I moved it close to her she would jump back and say "NO!".

They also had a clear hatchery so you could see some chicks hatching too! Awesome?? I think so!

I think we have a country boy and a city girl. (c: Check out their rain boots---soooo cute! It was pouring down rain....the first of 5 days and nights of rain. I can't imagine how Noah and his family felt with 35 more days of solid rain but I digress...

Lilly was so funny with the baby ducks. She has her hands on her knees bending over and is talking baby talk to the ducks. Hysterical! "Are you a baby duck? Yes!! You are a baby duck!" (Say it in a high pitch voice too.)

Climbing on the fence looking at more goats.

He is smiling BIG time in this picture if you can't tell...he was all about petting that baby goat!

Funny story about Miss Priss. She was standing with her back to a baby cow and it "mooooo"ed really loudly right behind her. She about jumped out of her skin!! Then she turned around and gave the cow a good scolding!

Lilly and I were checking out the turkeys and I looked back and the lady was putting Reid in the pin with the pigs!

Look at how cute he is!! Sorry--mom moment!!--I just can't help it though.

They also had free beans and cornbread too.

And free ice cream. They also had sheep, donkeys, horses, etc.

We had so much fun and will definitely being going again next year!!


The Bostians said...

What a neat event. Glad you guys had fun. And the boots and kids are adorable!!!

Anonymous said...

What a fun outing! I love the baby chicks. I have never held one and would love too!