Wednesday, April 6, 2011


My buddy Melissa told me about a local place where you can eat and watch airplanes take off. I have wanted to take the kids for a few weeks now but we just didn't have the time. This past Saturday we were finally able to go! Lilly was mesmerized! If you could see in front of her face--the window is covered with fog from her being so close and breathing on it. She was soooo excited! We ate inside (yummy!) and then went out on the balcony to watch some more planes.
Most of the pictures in this post are of the back of her head. She would say "it goes up up UP".
Still watching.
Lilly has told anyone who would listen this week about the airplanes. She gets really excited and says a bunch of gibberish but in there is always, "and the plane takes off".
Can you tell she is annoyed at me for trying to get her attention?
Our friends Jenna, Chris, Brayden, and Brody met us there too!
Brayden gave Lilly a hug but Lilly wasn't interested in hugging. Ha! So cute!
They did share crackers though.
I didn't get a great picture of Reid but he had a great time too. He wasn't as into it but he can spot an airplane before Matt and I. We will be in the car or outside and he will yell "airpane" and we will look and sure enough waaaaaayyyy in the distance will be an airplane!
We LOVED it!


Anonymous said...

How fun! I'm not sure if there are any military bases near you, but usually they have all sorts of planes to looks at and other cool Humvees and etc!

Lyr said...

SO fun!!! Looks like a great time!

The Bostians said...

Oh that just breaks my heart- but what a trooper! And Praise the Lord for the comfort during the evening. And- I am so sorry, I realized I spelled Lilly's name wrong on my tweet earlier!