Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Friday Night Out. A Bowling Story.

I have said it before and I will say it again. I love our church for oh so many reasons...one day I am going to do a post on all of them...but one of them is their Friday Night Out ministry. I love that they care enough about the marriages in their church body to create a ministry that gives married couples with children an opportunity for a regular date night with FREE childcare. Since neither one of our parents live in the same area as us--this has been such a huge blessing. And the kids love it too. We put them in fun pajamas and pack them their favorite dinner to take with them. They get to go see many of their friends and play and do fun things while Mommy and Daddy go nurture their relationship.

This particular FNO we decided to go bowling with some of our friends whose children were also at FNO. Let me just say--when it comes to bowling--I am lacking in the "skill" department. My lowest score ever...while well over a decade ago was an 11. My highest score ever was like 120 or 130 and I thought I was ready to go professional! The boys bowled on one lane and the girls bowled on the other lane so we could play at our respective paces. The first game wasn't pretty for me-79. That was with a much better second half. I think I guttered the first 4 frames.
BUT the next game---I pulled off a victory!!!! I couldn't believe it! I even took this picture as proof!! (I am the middle S with a whopping score of 103. I bet hubby is beaming with pride right now. He is probably carrying his blackberry from friend to friend at work just to brag on my bowling achievement. Ha!!)
We still had a few minutes left on our lanes after the last game so the men decided to throw as many balls down the lane as possible. In as many ways as possible. It was pretty funny.
The guys: Chris, Chris, Jason, and Matt
The girls: Jenna, Melissa, Stacey, and Me
Me and my handsome man.
Chris and Jenna. Chris wanted the bowling ball in the picture since we went bowling.

Melissa and Chris. Chris said he was holding his bowling ball too! HA! Melissa didn't bowl with us. She pulled the "pregnancy card". (c; (Stacey and Jason had their own camera so I didn't get a picture of them together.)
On our way out, Jason and Chris decided they were going to have a dance off on dance revolution. Here they are stretching. It was about to get serious.
Until they accidentally pushed one person game and couldn't figure out how to get it back to two players. We were out of time and needed to go pick up the kids so they had to reschedule their dancing duel.
Then we picked the kids up, went by Sonic and got ice cream (always the perfect ending to FNO), and went to bed!


Rebekah said...

I am sad I missed out on the bowling/FNO fun!!! It really does look like you guys had a blast! We want to come along next time! My bowling story is that I had to bowl over a 100 in my bowling class in college to get points toward getting an "A" in the class and I didn't get it until the very.last.stink'in.day!!! That's right! I stink at bowling!

The Bostians said...

So glad you have that time- it is so precious! And looks like you had tons of fun!!!