Sunday, April 3, 2011


Okay so Reid has shoe envy. It started when he outgrew his squeaker shoes and Lilly can still fit into hers. He would just watch her walk around squeaking away and look at his shoes in disgust. I diagnosed him with the dreaded "squeaker envy" and thought we could move on. However, it has gotten worse. He now will bring me her sparkly shoes--the sparklier the better....and want to wear them. He thinks his shoes are boring. I am going to have to go shoe shopping with him for some cool-light-up/make noise just totally-awesome-show-stopping shoes to snap him out of it. The problem is he has a wide foot and is in-between sizes so it is going to be a challenge. I am totally digressing because the reason I mentioned shoes in the first place.... was because he has also taken to wearing both mine (pictured above) and Matt's shoes too. Apparently, it has gotten so serious that the envy has spread to our shoes too. Ha!
Is he not just the most handsome little darling ever? And I am not even biased!
Now to the name of the post. Thursday night Matt came home and we just wanted to have a little family date night so we went to "Duck-EEE-Deez" (or Chuck E Cheese if you aren't fluid in Reid).
Reid wanted to play some ski ball.
So Matt was giving him so lessons on how to ROLL the ball.
I don't think it was effective because he proceeded to THROW the ball. Eeeek.
After a few more lessons....success!!! But he can't roll it hard enough to get it over that bump.
He loved trying though....and he looked good doing it and we all know that is just as important as your actual skill level, right?
Then he helped daddy shoot some hoops. I think even when he gets older and can actually play basketball--I am still going to see him as this size struggling to just hold the ball up. It just melts my heart!
Lilly was hysterical! She carried around and ate pizza all night long. She probably had 5 pieces of pizza. It is just her favorite meal!
Playing and eating.
Smiling for the camera and eating.
She was on this bike "driving" and a little boy walked by (minding his own business I might add) and Lilly got really serious and told him, "Watch it buddy!" I honestly do not know where she got that from. We are really having to work on her sassy-ness! Her favorite phrase to say today was, "I don't listen". As in we would tell her to do something and she would reply, "I don't listen".
My little hot mess!
Daddy and Bubby playing another game.
LOVE how they are looking at each other in this picture. Aren't those just the sweetest pictures?
My kids love a slide. Hope you all aren't sick of them because I got some really cute ones that I will post later this week of them on the slides at a local park.

I love that they are at the age where they get excited when we are going places and that we can have these fun-filled family date night. We are so blessed and just loving and cherishing every minute of our lives with these two babies!! (When they are 20...I will probably still be calling them babies....just FYI.)

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