Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!!

Well this post is all out of order but I forgot to add these here is Reid with his Easter basket that MoMo made him.

Tearing into it! Okay--now the original beginning of the post.

Well I hope that everyone had a great day celebrating the fact that He is Risen!!! We went to a wonderful church service and then headed home to start cooking lunch with MoMo and PaPa Ray. Then we loaded up all the food and took it over and had lunch with my sister and her family and my brother and his family.

This is totally randomly placed but this was hail in our yard last Thursday. This is also about 20 minutes after it happened which means it had melted a little bit too!

Again...this post is totally out of order but on Saturday night--all the kids got together at our house to color Easter eggs.

If you look at the egg in the orange you can see the egg dye splashing because he threw the egg into the color bowl. I'm not going to lie or sugar-coat it...he cracked a few eggs over the last few days. Ha!

Checking on those eggs. (:

Then they put stickers on them and this is the finished product!

Now back to today and lunch with the family! Here is Reid with uncle Mikey.

And cousin Zane and Hunter.

Me and my little handsome!


Talking with Blayne. They were so funny just talking up a storm to him. (Speaking of storming--it has been storming here for 3 1/2 days now. Geesh!)

MoMo made all the grandkids Easter baskets.

Checking out those goodies!

Eating her marshmallow sucker. Thanks for the awesome baskets MoMo!

Then the kids waited on the grown-ups to hide the Easter eggs...since we were doing it inside...because it was raining....still...again.

The boys. MoMo put a cross on each kid's Easter basket with their name and the words Jesus Loves You. We have been teaching Lilly (and Reid...but Lilly is starting to get it) that anytime she sees a cross that means that Jesus loves her. We also have been teaching her that we celebrate Easter because Jesus lives again. We read The Easter Story by Patricia something-or-other....but I think at her age the main thing I want her to "get" is that the cross is just a HUGE symbol that tells her that Jesus loves her...and Reid...and Mommy...and Daddy...and so-on-and-so-forth.

Then we did our third egg hunt of the week. Pics of the other two to come (along with a farm friends visit and a weekend getaway for Matt and I and some other random stuff) at some point. (:

Lilly found one of the money eggs. She was hilarious! She kept hiding her dollar in the tv armoire. I guess we have never given her cash before. Maybe it is time for me to start giving her some chores (i.e. picking up her toys, etc.) so she can earn a little allowance? Anyway we had a great day celebrating our Savior!! Hope you did too!


Anonymous said...

They are both so cute in their yellow. Glad you all had a Happy Easter!

Jenna said...

Holy smokes, your eggs put my eggs to SHAME!! You guys did a great job!