Sunday, April 10, 2011

Poor Lilly!

Well today Lilly & Reid had their friend Will over to play. They had a blast playing and when Will and his parents were leaving we went outside to see them off. Lilly was running in the front yard and tripped and fell mouth-first on the metal landscaping edging. This caused her front teeth to go all the way through her skin. Brent and Becky (Will's parents) hadn't left yet and volunteered to keep Reid so we could take Lilly to the ER (such a blessing). We loaded Lilly up and started off and somehow (because we were both freaking out but just trying to remain calm--a parent is just not prepared to see their child covered in blood) managed to think of stopping by a walk-in clinic that is very close to our house. Matt flew there in our car. We rushed her in and explained what happened and the doctor said for us to just bring her back and he would see whether or not she needed to go to the ER. He looked her over and said he didn't think stitches were necessary. So the doctor and his two nurses cleaned her up (while Matt and I held her hands and played with her hair) and he decided to put some "super-glue-like-stuff" on it. I am so thankful to God for giving us such a sweet and caring doctor and nurses! They let her pick out her favorite band-aid. He was a little worried about the bruise on her chin (you can't totally see it b/c of the band-aid) and whether or not she would be able to eat. If not, after a couple of days, she would need to go the dentist and get x-rayed. But, as if God just wanted to reassure us that she was okay, she ate an entire weeks worth of food tonight.
See that bad scrape? She has played and been pretty normal for the most part this evening. If you ask about it or go to look at it, she gets very sad and pitiful. (:
She also scratched her arm pretty good. Bless her heart. She has gotten away with whatever tonight! She was talking with MoMo tonight and told her "I busted my lip." I don't know where she got that wording. Also--another huge blessing in it all was that the doctor didn't charge us for the visit. Which was kind of hilarious b/c they were so good to her I thought to myself--finally a doctor's visit that is worth the money! I know it is something so small...since it wasn't life-threatening or anything...but we saw God's blessings all throughout tonight. He knew it was traumatizing for us and made sure we knew he was with us. (:
Now, here are some pictures of the kids at the park from a few days ago. (See we ARE good parents. Ha!!)
She is getting so adventurous. She loves to get on the big slides and climb up the harder ways (i.e. rock wall).

LOVE her!

LOVE him and his toothy smile!

Playing some basketball.
The yogurt had melted the animal cookies into one giant animal cookie and Reid just ate it like an apple! Ha! Hope you all have a great week!


Lindsey Cobb said...

Poor girl! That sounds terrible! Hope she's continuing to do better!

The Coleman Family said...

Sweet baby! I hope her lip heals soon. Jackson did that last summer when he fell off the slide. His top teeth went through his bottom lip but it wasn't quite as low as on Lilly. It healed quickly and there is not scar now, so I hope it is the same with her. Boy, it bled so much though! Miss you guys! We do need to do a parents night out soon! How about April 30th? Fastlanes?

Trumbo Family said...

Oh pooh!! Poor Lilly! I can snap an xray of her upper teeth next time you come in if ya want. Probably not necessary though if they aren't loose. Call ya soon. I like Emily's idea of a parents night soon!!!