Friday, May 27, 2011

Lilly's Expressions

Okay so I have mentioned on here a few times how Lilly's facial expressions (and the way she talks with her hands) are just precious and generally keeps us rolling with laughter. For the last day of KDO, we put together a photo album for each one of the kids of pictures of them throughout the year. As we were putting Lilly's together, Mrs. "Tiffy" and I were cracking up at all the different looks on Lilly's face!
The "You talkin' to me?" look.

"I'm not up to ANYthing" look

"Do you think I am cute enough to get away with it?" look.

"Could I be any cuter?" smile.

"I will keep you on your toes" look.

The wrinkled nose smile. This generally happens when she cracks herself up. Ha!

"I am super sweet" look.


"Innocent and precious" smile.

"Cheeeeeese" smile.

"I am pretty much the cuteset thing ever and I know it" look.

I wish you guys could see her face when she is really into telling a story. She is so dramatic with her looks and motions. We LOVE this girl and all of her many facial expressions.

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