Friday, June 3, 2011

Mother's Day

Okay so I am sitting here during nap time (for the kids...not Mommy) wondering how it is already late afternoon FRIDAY?? This week has been in super-speed and jam-packed with busyness. Seriously, we started the fun last Friday and it hasn't ended yet. I will bore you with the details through future blog posts but my goal is to be caught up on blogging this weekend. If that is the case--grandparents--you should have posts to read for the next couple of weeks....considering I am starting with Mother's Day. For the record, though, I do not consider this a late post because I am posting it before Father's Day. Without further are the details of my Mother's Day. Here is one of the two reasons I get to celebrate this holiday. My sweet Lilly.

The other--my sweet Reid. (Please take notice of the fact that not only does he have one shoe on and one shoe off BUT he is also wearing his sister's Hello Kitty rainboot.) I thank God for the opportunity (and HUGE blessing) to be "Mommy" to these two little cuties.

My Mother's Day started with breakfast in bed (biscuits and gravy and chocolate covered strawberries). Then I was told that my presents were wrapped and hidden around the house. I had to wait until after church to find and open them because, as always, we were running late. I got a new wallet which was necessary because the one that I had gotten for my birthday was very literally falling apart. I also got a necklace with a cross on it which I LOVE. Then, per my request, I got socks and tupperware-type-stuff. Yes, that is the kind of stuff I request. I needed both of them and was so excited to open them!!

I got some sweet cards from Lilly and Reid that they made at Kid's Day Out.

And these stepping stones from KDO too! We made them in Lilly's class so I grabbed Reid from his class to do one too. I LOVE LOVE LOVE these. I think it both crazy and hysterical that Lilly and Reid's feet are the same size.

I also got this book. "Heaven is For Real". It is the story about a little 3 year old boy who was in the hospital and while he was getting operated on went to Heaven for "3 minutes". So it describes Heaven from a child-like perspective. Now, I am a fairly skeptical person when it comes to this kind of stuff...I think you need to be to guard against false prophets/teaching/testimonies. BUT I will say that there is nothing in the book that goes against what the bible says--in fact, most of it matches up with scripture. I say most because it does talk about things that are not covered in the bible. For example, he has an older sister and between him and his sister his mother was pregnant and miscarried. They had never told him about that since he was only three but he told his mom that he had "two sisters" while playing one day. I could go into details but it basically said that God (not Jesus--God) had adopted her and was taking care of her until they got to Heaven and that she was very excited to see them. Also, since they didn't know she was a girl, they didn't name her and she was waiting on them to name her. I thought that gives so much hope to an uncovered topic. And, since I know way too many friends that have gone through miscarriages I thought I would share. I don't know whether or not the book is true but I will say it is a good book and I would recommend reading bare minimum it makes you think..and even look forward to seeing Heaven one day.

To my family--thanks for making Mother's Day so special!! Love you guys!!


Courtney said...

What a special Mother's Day. I have heard so many rave review on that book, that it is now on my summer reading list.

The Bostians said...

Glad you had a good mothers day. I read that book in like 3 hours one night- such a neat story. I too am a skeptic but it really made me think and want to dig into Revelations more. :)