Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Post...

Well I was getting close to catching up on this blog until we had a whirlwind weekend followed by a week of VBX (vacation bible extreme) mixed in with a little bit of stomach bug and here I am incredibly behind again. So...although we are at the brink of is a little post. Memorial Day (ha!) (yes--that behind..still) we went to a bar-b-que for young adults at our church. I love all the opportunities our church has for its' members to connect and get to know one another. We have been blessed with so many great friends through our church and functions like these!

They had a big bouncy house and sidewalk chalk and bubbles for the kids.

We all had a great time!

And, of course, the kids had fun with their friends too!

Then, some day before Memorial Day weekend, we went to take the kids back to the airport to eat and watch planes take off...but randomly...very randomly...the restaurant was closed for the day. Unfortunately, we had already told the kids we were going to eat and watch planes take off and they were ticked off!! So we went to plan B and went to a local airplane museum where we could also watch planes take off.

At the museum they have an old army helicopter that you can go inside.

I won't lie--it was rickety in there! BUT the kids had a blast!

Reid pushed every button and messed with all the mechanisms (they probably have technical terms?).

And that catches us up to June!! Yay for being in the same month as the blog posts. Ha!

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