Tuesday, June 7, 2011


On the Saturday of Memorial weekend, we went bowling with both kids and Mike and DeDe. This was the first time Lilly and Reid had ever been bowling. At first, Lilly had her game face on! She was so serious!! DeDe was helping her out...

Figuring it out. After a couple of times she had the hang of it and was having fun!!

She would go and pick out her ball (always the green one). Look at her outfit. The flowery outfit and the purple and green socks and the bowling shoes--and she is still cute as can be!

She had so much fun that she pretty much bowled all of our turns...

except Reid's! He loved pushing the ball down the slide.

Watching it hit the pins! Look at Lilly in the background laying on the floor crying because it wasn't her turn. Ha! It is not funny...but it kind of is.

Then, the kids started using the ball slide/guide as an actual slide.

And then they used it as a seat to watch the game.

We had a fun time with Mike and DeDe and the kids loved their first bowling trip!

I would say Lilly is ready for bowling and had tons of fun!

I would say this little man isn't quite ready. He kept trying to run off and wouldn't stay in our area. He gave DeDe a good work out because she chased him everywhere. While it may be a few more months before we take Reid back, he still had a great time too!!

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Courtney said...

I think I will be adding this to my list of things to do with Logan this summer. I'm not sure there is any outfit out there that you could put on her to match those crazy bowling shoes! Ha Ha