Monday, June 6, 2011

Dora Dancing and Reid Laughing

One night (while Mike and DeDe were in town) we went to eat dinner at a local Mexican restaurant. (Warning: The first three pictures are terrible quality...from my phone at night.) This picture wasn't the same night but it was at the same restaurant. I just love this picture of Lilly loving on Daddy!

Anyway, it was a Friday night and they had a band on the patio and as we were leaving, Lilly wanted to stop and listen to the band. She could have stayed all night if we would have let her! She was doing her "Dora" we-did-it dance in this picture.

Daddy, Bubby, and piggy just taking it all in. Ha! We had a good time watching Lilly enjoy the band and dance.

Then last Saturday we had a surprise visit from Dinka (my dad) and Susha (she is Russian...that is where their grandparent names come from). Oh, and the puppies are Zya and Lola.

Dad would offer the cup to Reid and then take it back...Reid, for some reason, always thinks this is hilarious!!

Tank (our Chinese Pug) was excited to have a full house with other dogs around and was running at warp-speed in circles around Reid.

Again, Reid thought this was hysterical.

Dinka was also playing with him and making him laugh too.

You know how some pictures just capture some feature of your child and so when you look at that picture--it just melts your heart?!? This picture does that for me. This is Reid's big wide-open mouth laugh/smile that he does when he is just really having a good time. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!

We had a great time visiting with them!

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Rebekah said...

Those pictures of Reid laughing are priceless! Such a cute little man!