Saturday, June 4, 2011

Bath's and Graduations

Lilly and Reid love their bathtime fun! They have become such great "big splash"-ers that they are about to get banned from Mommy and Daddy's tub. Seriously, they are getting the walls, the window sill, and the painting wet. No es bueno! But it is hard to ban them because they love it so much...hard...but not impossible. (:

They will stay in there forever. A lot of times I will put them in the tub and I will fold clothes while they play (I can of course see them while I am doing this). I try to get ready before they get up but if for some reason I haven't-I will do my hair and put on my make-up while they are playing.

Lilly likes the wrinkles that happen when you are good and soaked in the tub. And I love those little feet!

One of the things they don't teach you in parenting preparation classes is what to do in the event that one child poops in the tub. So, since this happened to us a couple of nights ago...let me tell you what we did. Matt was in the bathroom with them and I was starting a load of clothes (I have to set the scene, right?). When I hear him yell, "Noooo!" followed by "Sara we are going to need some help in here!" I come into the bathroom and he has the kids out of the tub and in our shower with the door closed. I see what the commotion is all about. At a loss. We have a bath scoop that holds all of the toys...and by some small miracle the toys were pretty much in there. So Matt grabbed it. Matt had the two-finger-don't-want-to-really-hold-it grip on the scoop and we decided it best just to chunk it. We had gotten our money's worth out of them. Then I grab towels and pjs and start cleaning the children from top to bottom in the shower while Matt finds a cup to scoop up "the business" and take it to the toilet. We get the kids out and dressed and in bed and soaked the tub in bleach water overnight followed by a thorough cleaning because, you know, you can't just "throw away" a bathtub. Oh, and I left out that there was lots of handwashing, gagging, and "disgusting/gross/ewwww" followed by "We poop in diapers or the potty! NOT bathtubs!!" So, if you ever find yourself in this situation...this is what we recommend. (: Ahhhh, the joys of parenting!

So if you have been following me for a while, you may know that my Mom got married last year to Ray. A couple of weekends ago, Ray's son Tyler, my new "brother from another mother" (as I like to call him) graduated high school. We had a little celebration dinner at our house afterward. In the picture above is Ray, Tyler (holding proof that he graduated), Jennifer (Tyler's sister/my stepsister), and my mom. We had a fun weekend visiting with them and celebrating his accomplishment!

Jennifer has three kiddos--Daniel--is about 6 months old and I think he slept the entire trip! Ha!He is precious!

And Madyson, who is just a a couple months older than Lilly. Lilly loved having Madyson over to play!

And to watch Dora with...because that is what we do Dora.

And then Crystal who is right on that teenager line. She is such a helpful sister! It was very impressive! Anyway, we loved spending time with our family and are proud of Tyler!

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Courtney said...

I think you get an A+ for dealing with the bathtub situation! Love the new blog look.