Monday, May 9, 2011

Perryville Lunch

Well I will be blogging about Mother's Day later this week but I should mention that my hubby and kids spoiled me rotten! But first I promised Matt's Granddaddy that I would blog these pictures on Monday--and a promise is a promise! Saturday we took a road trip to meet some family for lunch. The kids had fun blowing bubbles with DeDe!

Working together!

I just LOVE this picture. (:

My boy! He just loves finding the bubbles that land on the ground and popping them!

Her facial expressions are always so funny.

This is the first year that she can really hold the bubble container and blow bubbles all by herself. Tear. She is getting so big so fast!


That is our pretty baby girl. She is just as sweet as she is cute!

She put on quite a show for everyone while we were there too. She has such a fun personality too. I am going to do a post this week on some of the things that she has been saying lately. She (and her brother) are just such blessings!!

Lilly and Reid also helped Aunt Becca color.

Reid drinking some water. He had a little bit of grilled cheese, two mini-cupcakes, and no less than 6 packs of scooby doo fruit snacks for lunch. Does water balance all of that out?? No? Oh well. (:

They love Uncle Bert!

And Aunt Becca!!

We always love getting to see Granddaddy and are so thankful he is doing so great!!

And we also got to see Matt's Aunt and Uncle from New Orleans--(they spoil us just like we are one of their own)--and Karl and Jenny from Kansas City too! We are so blessed to have such great family!!


Courtney said...

What a great time spent with family. Lilly is all the sudden looking so much older.

The Bostians said...

Lilly is getting that big girl look- she is SO beautiful! And Reid is a doll too. :)