Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Well I was totally caught up on the blog, then we did a million things in the last week, and now I am way behind again.  Story of my life in this phase of life!!  Ha!  Anyway we have been doing lots of celebrating so I thought I would share some of that!  It is always good to share the "Praises!" right??

Thursday morning our friends the Trumbo's had their third sweet baby boy Hayes! 
 Is he not PRESH???  He looks just like his brothers did as babies but with more hair!  Funny fact:  Matt has managed to hold EACH one of the Trumbo boys BEFORE me.  This time I even beat him to the hospital but I was waiting because somebody else (like a hog.  Ha!  I am JUST joking!) was holding him and Matt called from the parking lot so I ran out to sit with the kids while he snuck in and got to Hayes first!  Tricky tricky!  I guess I am happy for him.  ( ;
 Here he is in all his cuteness.  He was so alert that night!  I just love this sweet boy already!

So as I mentioned earlier, Lilly entered a phase where she turned crazy into a fit thrower at bedtime.  She had one great night and we celebrated and then started a sticker chart.  Bed time has been glorious (for the most part) ever since and she filled up her sticker chart and earned her way to Chuck E Cheese (her choice, not ours).  So Monday night we headed to Chuck E Cheese for her reward!
Of course we took Reid.  Really, he always go to bed with no problems so he definitely deserves it too! 
The kids enjoyed the rides but neither one of them ever stayed on a ride for the whole time which makes me feel like we are wasting money! 
So then we just let them get in the ride and play in it.  Free fun!  Even better. 
Lilly did enjoy playing some games! 

And of course talking on the phone.
Playing skee ball.  Kind of.  They couldn't roll it hard enough to make it up so they just rolled one ball up and then it would come back to them.  Then they would roll it back up and it would come right back to them. 
Lilly tried throwing the ball.  (Note that it is in the air.)  Eventually I helped Lilly and Matt helped Reid and we ended the thirty minute skee ball game. 
Reid played on this for a long time.  He liked pulling that lever up and down. 
The kids had fun and we were HAPPY to be able to be celebrating peaceful bedtimes.

When we celebrated Lilly going to bed the first time without a fit, our friends Mrs. Laura and Addy and Sam went with us.  This time we went with them to the mall to play and have Chick-fil-A to celebrate Addy staying in her big girl bed for a week straight!  Yay!  We were so excited to celebrate with them!!
Our friends Rebekah and Cilla came to celebrate with them too!  We were so glad they came.  Our girls really are SO CUTE together!  Here they are laughing and having fun. 
LOVE this picture!!
And I would not want to leave out sweet Sam!  Sam always gives me hugs and is just precious.  He calls Reid "Deed".  We have been so blessed to have so many things to celebrate lately! 


Courtney said...

Glad Lilly has been fit free. Logan had more fun sitting in stuff at Chuckie Cheese than actually doing the stuff with tokens.

Todd and Courtney said...

I feel like we have the exact same life!! Lauren would choose Chuck E Cheese in 2 seconds for any type of reward. She was throwing fits too but is now staying in bed. Funny!