Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sick & Catch Up

(Testimony Tuesday will be back in March.)

Well we have started our week off with a sick one.  We were out of town this weekend and within 3 seconds of walking in our house...
 this little girl got sick.  She has ran a fever of 101-102 ever since.  I took her to the doctor today and he ruled out strep or the flu and basically said he thought whatever it was would run it's course in a few days.  She has pretty much laid on the couch or in bed and watched movies.  She did have a period right before her naps where she was playing and bossing Reid around so I am hoping she is on the mend.  ( ;  I am very thankful she didn't get sick while we were out of town and that it hasn't spread to the rest of us.  As you can imagine between being out of town for the weekend and having a sick baby girl--the house looks like a bomb exploded and then a tornado came through and spread the debris around.  In other words, I should probably be cleaning instead of blogging but I know the grandparents miss fresh pictures of the babies. 
 A few weeks ago MoMo sent us a box of goodies!  Lilly was all excited to open it up!  She got some shoes, bracelets, and some chocolates! 
 Reid got some chocolates and some toys.  I got a pair of Razorback sweat pants and some shoes!  And Matt got his birthday card. 
 We loved having a fun surprise come in the mail!!  Thanks MoMo!
 Last weekend (the one before this last one) Mike and DeDe came up for a couple of days.  Mike had some work to do and DeDe hadn't seen Lilly's big girl room yet.  And Lilly kept asking her when she was going to come and see it too!  Ha!! 
 That Saturday night Lilly went to her friend Anna's birthday party.
 These three girls are such sweet friends.  They were in the same "class" last year at KDO.  I LOVE that they are to the age to be friends and want to see each other and play together. 
 Saturday night my sweet friend Candice had her baby Luke.  Isn't he precious??  He was teeny but so sweet and cute and cuddly! 
 Sunday night Reid woke up from his nap all glassy eyed and red cheeked and whiiiinnneeeyyy.  He was that way through Monday afternoon but he never ran a fever or anything.  I am hoping that was his version of whatever Lilly has now.  We have had a few random just "not feel good" things go through the house so I am hoping our bodies are just fighting off all of the junk going around.  Come on Spring! 
 I just put this picture in here because I NEVER know WHAT I am going to find when I open my cabinets.  The kids are always hiding random toys in the cabinets.  This day it was a Dora phone.  Some days even Dora makes an appearance in the cabinets. 
 One day last week Lilly snuggled up on the couch with me to watch a tv show.  I had the best seat in the house!  She has done LOTS of snuggling this week due to illness but it just not as enjoyable when she feels so yucky.  This was a sweet little take-time-out-of-playing-type-of-snuggle. 
 Reid probably sat like this for 15 minutes (an eternity for this busy boy!)
 He was so serious coloring on his Innotab (or "puter" as he calls it).
And I will just end on this funny picture.  Both kids sitting on the potty.  Funniest part is that probably neither one of them were using it.  It has just become a bonding thing, I guess.  Ha! 

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Anonymous said...

I hope everyone is feeling better now. The picture of them going potty was so cute! Don't you just love getting goodies in the mail?