Thursday, February 9, 2012

Weekend Recap

Friday we had the day to stay at home.  Lately we have been having stuff every single day so we were excited to stay at home.  However, even if we would have had plans, we would have had to cancel them because Lilly woke up like this...
 She just laid on me for the first couple of hours she was awake.  Thankfully she started feeling better quickly but we had the most LAZY day and It. Was. Fabulous.  We just laid around in bed watching movies.  We even ate in bed.  And Reid was willing to do it too!  I view it as a precious gift from above because who knows if that will ever happen again. 

Friday night was Friday Night Out so we dropped the kids off and went to Columbia Mex to eat and then did a little shopping and running around for our busy weekend.  I love that Matt and I have a good time even when we are doing the mundane things like running errands.

We started Saturday morning off with an omelet breakfast at church to discuss some things for the Children's church (that is where we serve).  It was yummy and fun! 
 Saturday was my sweet friend Candice's shower.  Luke is coming soon and we can't wait to meet him! 
 Her hostesses did such a cute job on her shower.  It was razorback themed.  You can see all the details here!
 Next up was Will's superhero birthday party!  It started while I was at the shower so Matt took the kids and I met them there a little late.  Everything was so cute!  They had "Power Punch" and "Hero Sandwiches."  The kids were supposed to dress in costume.
My sweet boy! 
 Will the birthday boy was so excited about each present.  I just love that! 
 Lilly went as a princess.  I am not responsible for that hair!  Daddy does not do hair.  ( : 
We got to see lots of sweet friends like Cilla (above) and Hannah (below).

 They had a photo area and took pictures with a Polaroid camera. 
Then we came home and napped and woke up just in time to go to church.  Our church did a Saturday night service since the Super Bowl was on Sunday.  After church we went to dinner with our friends Brittany, James, and Xander.
Sunday morning Matt made breakfast and hung out with the kids and I went to help with Children's Church.  After lunch we decided to let Lilly skip her nap and I surprised her and took her to the Razorback Gymnastics meet. 
 I enjoyed some "Mommy and Me" time with her!  Our friend Natasha (or as Lilly calls her, "Ms. Matasha) met us there too. 
 Lilly loves "Gymnacstics"!  She watched the girls on the uneven bars and said, "Ohhh!  Maybe I can do that??!!"  She also thinks that face painting is just part of the gymnastics experience.
 I let her choose between popcorn, coke, or cotton candy and she chose cotton candy.  She was a sticky mess at the end of it! 
 They handed out these "Perfect 10" signs to everybody and Lilly LOVED raising it up. 
 Lilly's new sticker chart incentive is the next Gymnastics meet.  She has been talking about it ever since.  So thankful for such a special time with my sweet girl! 
Sunday night we went to our friend's Jason and Lacey's house to watch the Super Bowl.  I didn't really watch any of it until the very end.  We had so much fun and the kids had a blast.  It was a super busy weekend but I am so thankful that we had so many fun things to do with our friends!  God has really blessed us with some great friends to "do life" with. 

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Brittany said...

So what's this Mexican place you are referring to? Love Mexican food! Looks like a great weekend!