Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Our Weekend

Well Lilly was sick pretty much all week.  Her fever broke Thursday but I think she felt the worst that day and on Friday she was back to her normal happy self and feeling much better.  We were all excited about that!!!  Reid was so excited that Lilly was ready and able to play again that they pretty much spent the whole morning playing together in their playroom.  It was so sweet!  And soooo nice because I had LOTS of housework to catch up on.  Friday night Matt was at a Men's Conference so I decided to take the kids to the Razorback Gymnastics meet.  Our friends Becky and Will and Natasha met us there.  The whole thing was pretty comical.  Let me just tell you how it played out.
 There are 4 events in gymnastics.  We watched the uneven bars.  Reid sat in my lap for most of that part because he spotted the mascot as we walked in and decided to stay close.  But as time went on he got down...and then wanted to be on the move.  Well the kids believe that gymnastics, popcorn, and face painting all go together.  So I decided to take them to go get popcorn and face painting during the warm-ups before the second event.  I ran into the people I used to nanny for and talked to them for a minute.  Then we waited in line for popcorn.  They were out.  So we waited for them to make some more popcorn.  Then we got to the face painting line right after a family of 6.  So we waited (very patiently I might add for a two and three year old!) to get their face painted.  We got back to our seats at the end of the third event. 
 We watched one performance.  (I don't know what the technical term is and I am sure it isn't performance...but you know what I mean.)  Then they spotted the girl mascot.  Mind you Reid clung to me for a good 10 minutes at the mere sight of the boy mascot but for some reason the girl one was okay.  Lilly wanted to "go see her" so I took her down to see her and Reid stayed back with Natasha.  We said hi and she stood next to her just long enough for a photo.  As I was walking her up, Natasha was walking Reid down.  So I took Reid to get his picture with her...
 This was as close as he got to her.  Ha!  We got back to the seats and I was ready to sit down when Lilly said, "Mommy, I have to go potty!"  Seriously, child??  So I took her potty and we got back to the seats...and it was over.  Ha!  Honestly we just went for the kids to have a good time and they did so I consider it a success!!

Matt had the Men's Conference Saturday morning too so he went to that and the kids and I got up and did a little shopping because we had two birthday parties that day.  Matt met up with us and we had lunch and then went to Diesel's birthday party! 
 It was a really cute football/raiders theme.  The kids got VIP passes to enter the party and the cake was a football field.  His mom and I were the only pregnant interns during our Master's year.  That was a challenging year for sure! 
 Reid was such a NEAT cake eater for the first time ever!!!  He usually makes a gigantic mess.  It really is the little things that get me excited!  Ha!
 After we left that party the kids napped in the car as we headed to Jack's party!  The kids LOVED getting to swim and didn't want to get out of the pool. 
 So happy to be in the water!  They remembered how to swim with their buoy's on! 
 Jack!  We love Jack and his family!!   Jack is in my KDO class and he is ALWAYS making me laugh! 
 God has blessed us so greatly with friends for Matt and I and friends for our kids!  We are so thankful for them and love celebrating with them!!
The weather has been BEAUTIFUL this week!  Today the kids played out in the backyard and I remembered why I love summer so much!  They LOVE to be outside.  Lilly was really into picking flowers today.  She picked one flower and brought it in and said, "Mommy this is for you!  And MoMo!  And DeDe!"  I guess we were all supposed to share that one flower.  Then she kept picking them and bringing them to me.  She even picked a couple for Matt.  He remembered to take one of them but left the other one and she brought it to me and said, "Daddy forgot to take his flower to work and wear it in his hair!!"  ( : 

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Courtney said...

I really don't know why Matt didn't take that flower to work and wear it in his hair!!! Sounds like you had a great weekend even if you didn't get in much spectator time at the gymnastics meet.