Sunday, May 20, 2012

Dance Recital Weekend

 THIS girl had her first dance recital today...but really it all started yesterday morning.
 She had dress rehearsal yesterday morning.  She was a little stage-stunned during the rehearsal and just stared into the crowd and did the same move over and over.  I was a wee bit nervous she was just going to stand frozen on stage...but I knew she was going to look cute doing it so I was okay with whatever.  I did tell her that if she just watched Miss Miranda and did her dance moves during the recital that she could go to the candy store and pick out whatever she wanted.  I am not above bribery...I think of it as "motivation."  ( ;
 After rehearsal DeDe, Lilly, and I went to go get our nails done to prepare for the big event! 
 Look how excited she is!!  I just LOVE her soooo much!
Our pretty toes!  I let Lilly pick out my polish color and she picked blue.  Thaaaannnks.  Ha!  Actually after they were painted the color has grown on me.
 Lilly picked bright pink for her toes and bright blue for her nails.  Unfortunately a manicure lasts less than 12 hours on her so I repainted her nails hot pink this morning.  Last night we went by the candy store so she could preview all of the goodies. 
 All ready for her recital!! 
 Playing with her hair.  This is her new thing.  It is precious but it makes her seem a little more grown up than I like.  We were all set up at the recital to shoot a great video.  I even remembered to charge the video camera!  Then right before the recital they said not to use any flash photography or video.  Buzz kills.  I very reluctantly followed the rules but the video we are buying better be GOOD!  (: 
 She (and all of her dance class) did SOOO good. 
 Watching Miss Miranda and doing her moves. 
 This is one of my favorite pictures because at dance rehearsal this is the one move she did over and over.  I giggle every time I look at it. 
 Here she starts looking for us in the crowd...
 and she spots us and gives us a BIG smile!  Priceless! 
 Back to dancing.
 At the very end they sat down and blew the crowd a kiss.  The whole thing was just too cute.  We had to wait through several other dances to go see her and I couldn't wait to hug her and tell her how great she did and how proud we are of her!! 
 We brought her flowers and a lollipop that looked just like the one they used in their dance. 
 Of course Bubby got a lollipop, too.  He did a great job sitting and watching the dancers.  When we talked to MoMo tonight on the phone he was telling her he went to the "movies" to watch dances.  I think he was entertained! 
 Can you tell Lilly is getting tired of pictures and is ready to change clothes??
 Too bad sister because we still had family photos!  Ha! 
 Proud Daddy!
Proud DeDe (Mike was there too but somehow he got away without pictures...hmmm.)
 Me and my sweet girl!
 As soon as I went in the room to get her she yelled, "Candy store!!"  So that was our first stop after the recital.  She was literally like a kid in a candy store. 
 Her and Reid both (we celebrate as a family) got one of the little candy boxes and were allowed to fill it up with whatever they wanted. 

 I felt like what ended up being $10 after tax was a pretty cheap reward and they were both PSYCHED to get it.  That was our first trip to the candy store in the mall and I had to explain that we will only go to the candy store on very special will be a rare treat! 
 They were ready to find a bench immediately and start eating. 

We are SO PROUD of our tiny dancer!!  We love you so much Lilly!!!


Todd and Courtney said...

Ahhhh the cuteness. This makes me soooo excited because Laurens recital is June 2. Those little costumes are so cute. Aren't little girls that dance so precious? Looove it!

Brittany said...

She is so cute!

Courtney said...

Oh my goodness she is pure cuteness. Glad she did a great job!

Anonymous said...

So precious! I love the picture of her looking at you all from the stage. Great shoot! I know you are very proud!