Friday, May 4, 2012

Farm Friends

Every April there is a local event called Farm Friends.  There are lots of farm animals that you can see, touch, and even hold.  Everything is free--including dinner.  The kids LOVE it and we look forward to it all year long. 
 Lilly had two favorite things this year.  One was holding the chicks (which she wouldn't do on her own last year).  These poor chicks--they were man-handled by hundreds of kids that day. 
 And number two was milking this fake cow.  She went back and forth from one to the other and that was really all she wanted to do. 
 She was so funny milking this (again, fake) cow.  She would milk it and pet it and tell it what a good job it was doing.  I have no idea how she would know to do any of that stuff.  It was pretty cute. 
 Looking at the cows.  Probably asking to go back to the chicks or fake cow. 
 Reid, on the other hand, really had no interest in the chicks or the fake cow and wanted to check out all of the animals.  Matt chased one child and I chased the other one. 
 So. Cute!!

 He did like petting the goat.  To be all boy he is surprisingly gentle with animals. 
 We were also very excited to run into some friends!!
 I love that they are to the age where they get so excited to see friends! 
 Biggest. Bunny. Ever.  This things was the size of a small pig. 
 A small chicken.  I declined the offer to hold it but the boy holding it was so sweet!  He kept offering to let us pet it, hold it, and take pictures of it. 
 Riding the saddle! 
 They have free beans and cornbread so I ate for free that night and thought it was pretty tasty.  The rest of my picky family chose to eat frozen pizza later at home.  To each their own, I guess. 
 They did enjoy some ice cream and we were very excited to run into Stella (and her mommy Sydney and little sister Emerson). 

 I don't know how I got this picture of him sitting because I remember him being a non-stop ball of energy there.  ( ; 
 You may not be able to see it but she has chocolate ice cream all over her face.  On her nose, underneath her eyes, on her cheeks, etc! 
 Sweet little Emerson!  Love that big smile!!
We ran around for a little while longer and then we were done.  Matt and I slept good that night.  (:

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Courtney said...

What a fun event. I would have been with you on those beans and cornbread-yummy!