Monday, May 7, 2012

Random Update

Last week we kicked off grilling season!!  I forgot how great it is--Matt cooks and there aren't a lot of pots and pans to clean.  Score and double score!
 Matt is laughing in this picture AT ME for taking a picture of him grilling.  Someone needs to appreciate the documentation of our family life!  Ha!!
 Lilly has discovered the joy of finding Rollie Pollies.  There is one in her hand.  There are tons of rollie pollies in our yard so there has been a lot of excitement going on. 
 Reid loves to be outside.  He loves to eat outside, too. 
 I bought a bean bag chair for Reid's big boy room that I am working on and the kids found it and thought it was big fun!!  Reid is spending his first night in a big boy bed tonight and I haven't heard a peep yet!  Of course I will do a total "big boy room" post when I am finished.  And when I can do it without crying.  Haha!  Actually, for the most part, I am doing okay.  Sometimes. 
 Lilly ready for dance.  She just kept looking at me and smiling so I had to snatch a photo!  She is loving "pig tails" lately and when she says it it sounds like, "pink toes."
 The other morning the kids were all over the place.  Reid and Lilly found a box of band-aids and I walked in the room to find Reid covered in band-aids. 
 So precious.  Also you can see in the background that they had made beds on the living room floor and put their "babies" to bed. 
 That same morning I heard Lilly get out of bed and she walked straight to our bedroom...with one small stop to put on her Cinderella high heel shoes.  She is so girly with dresses, jewelry, and high heels that it scares me!!  Ha! 
 She wanted to take a silly photo.  Silly Lilly!  Tonight in the car on the way home she said, "That is how I roll!!  With my teacher shirt on!!"  Her and her brother keep us laughing!
 Putting her Cinderella shoes on Bubby. 

 Walking around in heels.  Reid has also switched to only wanting to sleep in a diaper.  I don't know where it came from or why but we are just going with it.  He also doesn't want to wear clothes during the day either.  We were at Wal-Mart and he kept saying, "Let's go home so I can take my clothes off." 
 This is how Lilly went to church Wednesday night.  I should also mention this is her favorite dress.  She calls it her "dot dress."
 And this is how this little cutie went to church that night. 
 This week is teacher appreciation week so I put together an emergency car kit for Reid and Lilly's teachers.  I put a note in it that said, "We hope you have a great summer! To help you be prepared for any kind of fun—we put together an emergency car kit for you!"  And we included the following:   Baby Wipes, a diaper, a bag for trash, fingernail file, carmex, hand sanitizer, hand lotion, a pen, sunblock, safety pins (3), band-aids, gum, mints, kleenex, peanut butter crackers, cheese crackers, granola bar, tylenol, neosporin, a hair elastic, and a comb.  We put it all in this colorful plastic shoe box and put the lid on. I have really been wanting to make myself something like this and I hope they like it and use it!  They have both been blessed with great teachers that love them and teach them all kinds of stuff in fun ways.
SOOOOO I discovered tonight that Sonic has 1/2 price shakes after 8 pm!!!  I got this mini shake (still 10 ounces) for .99 cents!!  Made my night.  ( :

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