Monday, June 25, 2012

Because They're Funny

Well when you live with a 2 and 3 year old--you do a lot of laughing!  I thought I would share just a few funny stories that have happened recently around our house.  
 Let's start with a couple that these two cuties have done together.
  • Before bed we pray and it never fails as Matt starts to pray both Lilly and Reid will start praying their own prayers out loud.  It sounds like a pentacostal revival in our house every night before bed.  I have to put my hands over my face and just laugh a little.  It is so cute and so funny.  Also Lilly calls God "The God"--we don't know why--but anyway, she will say, "Praise to the God!"  I know God has to be laughing at the cuteness too! 
  • We have recently discovered The Cat in the Hat on Netflix.  The kids refer to as, "The Kit in the Cat."
  • I refer to this as "the sunscreen incident."  I had been up late one night spray painting the letters for Allison's shower (see previous post) and the spray paint just was not working.  I have decided that spray paint just isn't for me.  So I went to the store and got a little roller and some plain black paint and finished the project and went to bed.  (Stay with me--the details are important.)  The next day we ran errands and I was making dinner for some friends that had just had a baby and the kids wanted to go out back and play.  I am getting stuff packed up to take to our friends and Lilly comes inside and announces, "I got the sunscreen all over my hands and need to go wash my hands."  I turn around to tell her to go ahead and go wash her hands and see that her hands are black.  "THE SPRAY PAINT!!!"  is all I think and Matt and I go running outside to find Reid--his hands also solid black along with a good portion of his stomach--and now he is spraying our swing set.  Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of the kids all painted up since they went directly to the bath tub, but I DID take a couple of pictures of our swing set. 

 Lovely, isn't it?? 
 This silly, sassy girl is always making us giggle.  Here are a few of her stories.
  • We were at Matt's Granddaddy's visitation (he passed away a couple of weeks ago and ,yes, this is a funny story from a visitation) and Matt had the kids in the entry and I went in "the room" with the family.  I was up talking to Granddaddy's wife Eutha and Lilly snuck in the room and ran up to me.  Where we had the following conversation (Lilly, Eutha, and I)-
Lilly: (to Eutha)  Where's your Granddaddy??
Me: (to Lilly)  Remember honey, Mommy told you that Granddaddy went to be with Jesus.
Lilly: So he died?
Me:  Yes honey.
Lilly:  Will he be back?
Eutha:  No, sweetie, he has gone to a better place now.
Lilly:  Well did you die??
[Now guys this is one of those times where you pray, "Lord give me the power to disappear. Or the power to go back in time and walk away 5 seconds earlier." But, alas, he didn't and to make matters worse Eutha didn't hear her.]
Eutha: (to me) What did she say?
Me: [Silence because I am asking God if it is okay to just lie.]
Eutha: Sara, what did she say?
Me: Big sigh (RED face)...She just asked if you died. (Eutha laughed and said "No." I appologized and said she is just starting to understand this whole death thing. And then we went to walk away and Lilly spotted Granddaddy in the coffin but wasn't close enough to see it was him and as we were walking away she very loudly announced, "Mommy there is somebody sleeping in that bed up there!!"

·   Lilly was saying her prayer the other night before bed which is getting quite detailed now. She was in the middle of a very sweet prayer and prayed, "Please keep us safe from the bears and swiper the fox."
·  This is recent but given the last one it reminds me that when Lilly was just beginning to pray we would ask her who she wanted to pray for and the only person she ever wanted to pray for was Dora.
·  One morning Lilly fixed herself a bowl of cereal and sprinkles for breakfast.
·  One evening we were walking in Wal-Mart she asked why I still had my teacher shirt on and I replied, "That's just how I roll!" A few hours later--out of nowhere--she said, "That's just how I roll! With my teacher shirt on!!"
And, of course, this energetic sweet boy creates lots of laughs, too.

·  We were outside the other day and Reid needed to "tee-tee" (as we call it) and so we told him to just 'go' on a bush in our back yard. (1-Our back yard is fenced...and 2-I don't know why we decided to introduce this into our world.) But he was like, "No! It goes in the potty." So we said, "Great!" and took him inside. I thought that would be the end of that. Until yesterday. We went outside last night and he asked if he could tee-tee on the bush. He does. And he is excited! I go inside to get him some "big boy underwear" because I am thinking outside is the best place to try them out. If he has an accident--it is outside and I don't have to shampoo the carpet. While I am inside I hear him yelling, "Mom I poop on the bush!" over and over. I cringe and run back outside...sure enough--he did! I was explaining to him that THAT always goes in the potty when Tank went over to investigate "it" and Lilly goes, "That is es-custing (disgusting)!!" It was gross--but it was funny!
·  We were driving around in our mini-van the other day and Reid goes, "This is kind of like a race car!"

· And here is one from me. I was making banana nut bread the other day and decided since we had some blackberries that were about to spoil that I would make a loaf with blackberries too. I used the same recipe that I use for banana nut bread but put in some mashed blackberries and blueberries instead of bananas and nuts. Y'all--there is a reason you have heared of banana nut bread and not blackberry bread! It tasted okay but it was so seedy. It wasn't all waisted effort, though, because Tank (our pug) LOVES it. Sits by the counter and begs for it. And, oddly enough, Reid really likes it as well.
· Just so Matt won't feel left out here is one about him. ( ; We were headed to swim a couple of weeks ago and realized we had forgotten the sunscreen. It was a nice day out and very cloudy and overcast so I said, "I think we will be okay." He looked at me like I was crazy and said, "Are you serious??? Do you even buckle the kids up when I am not with you??" I laughed so hard. Yes, of course I do. We stopped to buy sunscreen. (:


April said...

readng from Jenna's blog...the spray painted swingset is something my 2 year old would totally (and probably will)do. They keep life interesting right??

Dani said...

Hi, I'm visiting from Jenna's. Your children are just adorable!!! May God bless you and your family, Dani

Julie Rogers said...

Found you via Jenna's Journey---your kiddos are so cute:) Can't wait to read more!


Aimee said...

I'm visiting from Jenna's Journey! Love the spray paint story! So funny!

Courtney said...

The "sunscreen" story cracked me up. I am sure it is much funnier from this side than actually living it. My parents just brought blackberry bread back from their vacation and were raving about it. I was not so impressed with it and I did not like the seeds.

Todd and Courtney said...

The Swiper the Fox is my fav :)

Janelle said...

Stopping by from the commenting challenge. I love all the stories about your kids :) I have my own son who will be 3 in about 2 weeks and he just cracks me up. I love the silly things kids say and do!

Kim H. said...

Those are some hilarious stories. I'm giggling over the spray paint and the outside potty wars...I see both in my future!

Jaibee said...

Oh my, your stories are great! :) Nice to meet you, by the way! :) Popping over from Jenna's challenge. :)

Sharla said...

visiting from Jenna's comment challenge. The spray paint incident made me laugh as we've had similar things happen over here! The visitation stories also made me chuckle. Kids say the darndest things!