Thursday, June 21, 2012

Princess Ballerina Camp

Last week Lilly went to a princess ballerina camp.  It was Monday-Wednesday from 9:30-11:30.  Each day Lilly dressed up like a princess and went and did "princess-y" things. 
On Monday she went as Sleeping Beauty. 
She was SO excited!!  I am really glad it worked out that she was able to go.  She kept saying, "I have to go to my princess camp tomorrow" all day Sunday!
I just LOVE that sweet face.  It is so fun to do such girly things with her and she is SUCH a girly girl.
On Monday while they were there they did some princess crafts.  I *think* they made a crown and colored a princess picture.  They also worked on learning a dance.
And they had cupcakes and kool-aid.  I don't know what else they did but Lilly was exhausted when I went to pick her up. 
Tuesday she went as Cinderella. 
This is my favorite picture!  I just love it!!
She was really looking forward to going back on Tuesday!
Everyday that had a table set up with fun stuff. (And yes, everyday they had cupcakes. And candy.  And some sugary beverage.   A grandma was in charge.  Enough said.) ( ;
On Tuesday they got to paint their own nails. Lilly LOVES to paint nails or have her nails painted or paint your nails...if it involves nail painting--she is IN. 
Her friend Laci painting her nails.  Lilly had lots of her friends in this camp.  I think my friend Sydney did some recruiting because over half the girls there were referred by her.  Ha! 
Lilly about to get her Ariel tattoo. 
At the end of class they did a little preview of the dance they have been learning.
There may not be a sweeter sight than a bunch of princess ballerinas!!
Lilly, Stella, and their fruit snacks.  One day I asked Lilly what her favorite part of the day was and she replied, "Fruit snacks!"  Greeeeaaaat!  Ha! 
And on Wednesday she was Snow White.  Snow White is the only one of the princesses she dressed up as where she has actually seen the movie.  We don't have the other two.  She decided she wanted to wear her red squeaker shoes instead of princess heels that day.  They actually matched perfectly.  I do feel a teeny bit bad for the instructors having to listen to her squeak all day...but then again, they did fill her up with sugar for three days in a I think it is all good.  Ha!  Actually, she takes her shoes off a lot and walks on her tip toes so I knew it wouldn't be too bad. 
My sweet baby girl!!

On Wednesday they had a tea party. 
On this day the parents were supposed to show up a little early to see their dance.  This is a group photo--one little princess ran out of the picture so it is most of them.  Adorable!
After they did their dance they crowned each one of them princesses.
Getting her crown and wand.
Hannah and Lilly!  I will say that I know Hannah enjoyed this as much as Lilly did! 
Miss Bethany and Lilly.  Miss Bethany taught the dance.

Here is a video of Lilly's getting her crown and wand.

And here is her dance.  Watch this video on mute because there is a little girl who cries almost the entire video so you can't hear anything else anyway.  But you can still see Lilly busting a move.  (:  (She is the one is the bright red shoes and Snow White dress.)

Lilly had so much fun and I am so thankful she was able to do this.  Her love of princesses is even deeper now and I know great memories were made.  Oh, and friends of girls, you could totally do this with your girls at home, too!


Lindsay and Robert said...

Too cute for words. Seriously.

Courtney said...

What a great idea. She is too cute in all her princess costumes.