Saturday, June 2, 2012

Fun with Friends

Last week our friends Melissa and Caedmon and Honor came into town.  We were so excited to see them!!  We know they are where God has called them to be but we sure do miss seeing them all the time! 
 A bunch of our playgroup friends got together at Chick-fil-a.  Sweet Honor!  She has grown and looks so much like her big brother.  ( :
 Lilly, Caedmon, Hannah, and Cilla hanging out on the slide. 
 Smiley Jillian. 
 Reid was not sure why I was stopping him from playing to take his picture. 
 Brody.  I didn't get a picture of Stella and Emerson because they left before I finally got my camera out.  ( :  I love playdates at Chick-fil-a because the kids eat with no fight and they love to play so I get a chance to have some conversations with friends too!  Win, win, and win! 
 Lilly tried her first ice cream cone while we were there.  She has had plenty of ice cream before just never in a cone.  It was a big hit but man it was meeeeessy. 
 Honor was such a doll up there playing like a big girl! 
 This picture cracks me up because Jillian has one of Lilly's shoes on and one of Reid's shoes on. 
 Reid tried a Chick-fil-a cookie for the first time.  He attacked it like the cookie monster!!  It was all over him and the chair.  Who knew a cookie could be so messy??  A couple of days later he was walking around saying, "I'm the cookie monster!" 
A picture of all the kiddos (and a bonus random child in the background--ha!)
Then on Tuesday night we had a Girl's Night Out at Marketplace.  After dinner Melissa, Rebekah, and I ran and did a little shopping. It was so nice to get out and visit with friends and I am already ready for Melissa and her sweet family to come back to visit again! 

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