Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Card Rejects!

Well we decided to try and get a family photo in front of our Christmas tree last know, for a frame in the hallway and for the Christmas card. I pretty much wanted the standard photo--where we all: 1. Look at the camera. 2. Smile. Sounds simple?? Not. So. Much! my friends, not so much. We took 57,000 pictures (I exaggerate here) and Jesus nearly packed up and moved right on out of my body toward the end...where I had to just walk away. However, when I was looking at them to choose one for the Christmas card, I couldn't help but just laugh hysterically because they are so stinking funny! Reject #1. The sad thing is--I actually like this picture now. BUT in the moment where I was just looking for that "perfect" shot...this wasn't cutting it.
Ha! That is all I have to say about this one! Eyes closed-check, Funky-mid-word look on my face-check!
We were trying to get them to sit on the present. You can see how they felt about that. Don't worry-I had planned to crop Mickey out. He isn't an "official" member of the family. (c:
Lilly's expression cracks me up.
This one is pure money baby! Pure money. (You should be sensing a vast amount of sarcasm.) close, but yet soooo far away.
Get the kids looking and Matt's eyes are closed. Sigh.
It is PERFECT. Oh, wait--WHO GAVE REID A PACI??????! (Insert hard elbow to Matt's side right here.)
Juice break! You know those were fun to take away. Or that caused a colossal melt down.
I will let you guess which one by the looks on all of our faces in this picture. My mom was taking pictures and she said, "This isn't very much fun anymore." To which I replied, "The phrase "Christmas card photo" might as well be a curse word with a one year old and a two year old."
"Lilly, get your hand out of your mouth."
And then, we finally got it. You want to know the funniest part--I didn't use it. Because as I was looking through the pictures, it occurred to me that this doesn't properly represent our family. Don't get me wrong: we are a happy family! But this is a little too "cookie cutter" and a lot "too calm". The truth is, though I lost sight of it during the actual photo shoot, our family is crazy and chaotic and happy and fun and perfect just the way it is--and I wanted a photo that reflected just that. I laughed so hard going through the photos. It is funny how God could turn a situation that caused me to be SO cranky into a very fond memory. I am not putting the photo I chose on this post tonight. My Christmas cards haven't gone out yet. I am almost done addressing the envelopes and praying over the recipients and will be getting them in the mail tomorrow. I want the picture to be a surprise! I will post it on here Christmas day!!


The Speight Family said...

This is priceless! You are so right about those perfect pictures not being real life!!!! This year I did use one of Emerson's fall professional pictures for our card but I wish I would have used some I had taken! Could have gotten soem good laughs!

The Coleman Family said...

That was the funniest post I have read in a really long time. I think it is because I was there one year ago and! But that is great that you aren't going with the cookie cutter pic. That's not realistic with two little ones and your family is perfect, just the way you are! Love it! And I still can't stop laughing about Jesus packing up and leaving your body. ahahahahahahaha! Miss you all!

~Jamie Kubeczka~ said...

Oh No, I know this is frusterating, but it's too funny! I just have to laugh with you, cause I feel your pain. My son runs when he sees me get out the camera. Ha! Your kids are adorable. Merry Christmas!

Mizell Family said...

love the story, love the pictures, love your honesty, & love you!! Thank you for your friendship!!

Courtney said...

I loved looking through all your photos. I agree taking pictures of little ones is not a fun task. However I taken the thought that you have, it is where we are now and that is life. Have a great Christmas with your little ones.