Monday, December 20, 2010


We are out of town on Christmas Day, so we do Christmas the weekend before Christmas Day at our house. So, this Saturday, was Christmas for this Scott family!! The kids woke up and opened some presents! Lilly was so excited and wanted everything opened immediately. Reid was a little bit overwhelmed--he wasn't sure where to start! He finally settled on a toy and, of course, Lilly then decided it was "my turn". She ended up in time out no less than 4 times before breakfast for trying to steal any toy Reid had in his hands. She understands that we take turns....however, she doesn't understand why it isn't always her turn.
She LOVES her play food. She ran into the kitchen and got a spoon and was eating her ice cream. Please note the blow-up Mickey that is INSIDE our house-in our kitchen.
Then we cooked a yummy breakfast (courtesy of Grandma Betty-she surprised us with a package of pancake mix, yummy syrups, and bacon that arrived in the mail the other day). Then the kids used their new markers and crayons to color (or "khully" as Lilly calls it). We put some wrapping paper down on the table underneath Lilly's coloring books so she wouldn't get marker on the table. Reid decided he wanted to color, too, so Matt asked if I wanted him to put some wrapping paper down for Reid and I said, "No, just put him in his high-chair to color." I was cooking breakfast and not really paying attention and then I looked over and Reid was in his high-chair very happily coloring his actual high-chair with a marker. I said, "Reid, where is your coloring book??" Matt replied, "Oh, I thought you just let him color the high chair." Ha! He also has marker on his forehead and all over his hands. He had a blast though!!!
After naps, we got ready and went to "the square" to look at lights! They do an amazing job with all of the lights!!
There are also pony rides! Here is Reid on his ride. I would've taken a picture of Lilly but she was on it for less than 2 seconds.
BUT she didn't want to leave the pony area. I thought we were going to have to stand there all night long!
She loved watching those ponies!
We walked around and looked at all the pretty lights and then decided to take a carriage ride!
We rode in a sleigh instead of a carriage, know, because it is Christmas and all.
This is Bobby. Bobby is the Belgium horse that pulled our sleigh. Lilly and Reid have both talked about Bobby today!
These are some of the lights--but pictures DO NOT do it any justice! It is awesome!

As we were coming around the corner in the sleigh, we saw the camels (for like the 3rd time that night) and Lilly said, "Whoa!!" when she saw them. And then she went back to talking about Bobby and the other ponies.
After the square, we went to a local grilled-cheese place--Oh. My. Gosh--it was so delicious!!! MoMo, Papa Ray, Blayne, and Jackson met us there and then came back to the house and we played some dominoes! It was a PERFECT day!! We had a wonderful weekend and are so overwhelmingly blessed!!
Upcoming Post spoiler alert--bad Christmas card photos!

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