Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

Well I decided that since it almost Christmas that I might want to post the remainder of my pumpkin patch pictures. You know, because I wouldn't want to be obscenely late with them or anything like that. (c:
Lilly is excited that I am finally getting around to it too! That or she is letting you know that the Hogs beat LSU and we are going to the sugar bowl. Go Hogs!!
We are just all kinds of excited about that!
Reid was so funny carrying around this little itty bitty pumpkin the whole trip. These pictures are so old that he is still sporting his mullet (yes--that is his old one--he has not grown a new one. yet.)
I love so many things about this picture. I love that he is holding the pumpkin still. I love the expression on his face. I love his little belly hanging out for all the world to see. I could just tickle it and blow raspberries on it all day long!! I also love that my husband...who is taking the picture....decides not to mention the huge mess of hair going right down the middle of my face. Haha! Thanks honey!
That is okay, though, dearest hubby because you redeemed yourself with this one!
This pretty much describes my children on an average day. Full speed ahead....
and trying to get into everything!!
The day that I took this picture. I went inside to get the camera because they pulled their little chairs over to the tabe and were just hanging out. I had to get a picture!!
Reid is obsessed with standing in the shower. We go through several pairs of socks because he is always getting his socks wet by standing in the shower.
I hope everyone is having a good week. For the most part-we are. Reid is awake after his nap talking and playing in his crib. That is just music to my ears because it means that he is finally feeling well enough to wake up happy and not screaming. Sooo thankful for that. We have decided to quarentine ourselves from all nurseries this week in order to give our immune systems a chance to recover from all the crud that has been going around. It is also giving me time to clean and sanitize. I think I really just needed this low-key week (even though staying in the house drives me to the brink of crazytown) to just catch up on some things. Anyway, there you have it--the last of the pumpkin patch pictures. Maybe tomorrow some Christmas Pajama photos. Lilly is "to-the-moon" excited about her Mickey Mouse pjs. She made me take brought me my camera, sat down and said "cheese" made me take pictures! Haha!

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Anonymous said...

Hope you all feel better soon. I know it's hard to stay in the house while everyone gets over being sick. I also understand you needing to stay away from other little ones for a bit. We have done that ourselves before! Hope you all feel better soon. I love the pics. of Reid in the shower!lol By the way I love your wicker furniture. I love wicker!