Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Cleaning War

So, yesterday I decided to wage an all out cleaning war on the house. How is it going?? The house is winning!! But in my defense, the house has a forged a strong alliance with a couple of little people in the house.....
This would be Lilly and Reid sitting inside the cabinet that usually contains (neatly I might add) all of our Tupperware-type materials.
Of course if you want to sit inside the cabinet, then you have to completely clean it out!! And what faster way is there to clean it out than to just throw it all out covering the entire kitchen floor (and causing a couple of falls)???
They were so funny. They would get in there and shut the doors and just giggle and then open and the doors and play peek-a-boo with each other.
They had so much fun doing it that as soon as I get the Tupperware-like stuff picked up, they decide that it is time to play in there again.
The house has been a little overwhelming for me lately...a little you have any idea how hard it is to keep a clean (or I would even settle for clean-ish) house with a one year old and a two year old running around pretending to be mini-tornadoes with the sole purpose of destroying the house?????
I have been frustrated....but through my bible study yesterday, the author was talking about having the exact same problem (coincidence?? I think not!) and she said that one day God showed her to look at what all of the stuff cluttering/dirtying the house meant.
The 10,000 (I exaggerate...but it doesn't feel like it) loads of laundry are evidence that the Lord has blessed my husband with a job that allows him to provide for our family. That we have warm comfy clothes to wear during this cold cold weather.
The toys that are ALL OVER the place are evidence that I have been blessed with two children that are happy and healthy enough to play and drag things all about the house. Children that fill the house with laughter and sounds of little feet running all around.
I could go on and on but man oh man--I needed that word this week!! It is true, whenever we are frustrated, if we just stop and find something praiseworthy in our situation--it brings our perspective back in the right focus! Thank you Lord for revealing this to me!

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The Coleman Family said...

What a great reminder! So true! I was there a year ago when mine were 1 and 2 and were little tornados. (Well they still are tornados actually!) But I know that they were having so much fun playing and being themselves and then they enjoy being at home because they can have fun there. Great message and thank you for sharing. I need to hear that one often. And we do need to get the couples together soon! Maybe when everyone is back in town after Christmas?! Have a good week/weekend.