Thursday, December 9, 2010


Well, Lilly has decided to love Mickey Mouse. I don't know why, really, because we never watch the show. Nonetheless, she has found a new friend and loves all things Mickey. She knows that he is on the diapers that she wears. She still asks about the blow-up Mickey pumpkin at DeDe's house from Halloween. She now answers herself and says, "Mick-Mick is night night." Indeed. We were driving around looking at Christmas lights and somebody had a blow-up Mickey in their yard. We had to sit and stare at it for no less than 5 minutes. She screamed when we finally drove away--you know, for fear that the people who lived there would get creeped out and call the police on us. We actually have a blow-up Mickey that I bought on sale after Christmas years ago--I just don't want to look for it. I think I might have to and just live with the fact that we will be THAT house. Now that you have the back story...on Black Friday I found her and Reid matching Minnie and Mickey Christmas PJs (for CHEAP) and the other night I showed them to her. She wanted to wear them immediately! Then, we get them on and she brings me my camera and says, "I wanna cheese with Mick-Mick".
So, we had a photo shoot. She actually wants Mickey to be on her PJs instead of Minnie. I think we have convinced her that it is okay....but if she had her way, Reid would be wearing Minnie.
I love that she is at the stage where she is interested in things and gets excited about characters and people!
Reid playing with his cup and spoon. He is Lilly's little "mini-me". He plays with babies and kitchens and dishes and carts and baby strollers. He sucks on pink pacis and drinks out of pink sippee cups from time to time. There is no gender stereotyping in this house. He has even been known to wear some sparkly shoes from time to time. Make no mistake about it. He is all boy.
I was on my knees taking this picture and Matt was behind me trying to get them both to smile. Sometimes he forgets there is a foot height difference between us when I am standing. Ha!
My two beautiful kiddos!
Seriously, are those not the best smiles???!!!
After we got done taking pictures, Reid went over and sat on the presents again. Lilly went over there and was using her pacifier as a camera and saying, "Bubby, cheese!!!" "Cheese!" It was hysterical!! Oh, and he was smiling for her!
We have had such a great week at home. Don't get me wrong, there might have been an instance early in the week where we were all three crying at the same time--quarantining has some challenges. But mostly, it has been such a blessing to just enjoy a week at home playing with the kids and not worrying about getting here and there and everywhere. I have also been able to catch up on some stuff that I have been so behind on (cough, cough, ahem...laundry, for example). And we have wrapped all kinds of presents!
Oh, and at some point this weekend, I am hoping to actually decorate the tree. Ha! Lilly is just excited that we have a tree with "yiiiiighhhts!!!" on it--I can't imagine how excited she will be when she sees it decorated!

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Lindsay and Robert said...

Those enormous smiles are PRECIOUS!!