Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas-Take two!

Well, we headed to Matt's hometown to celebrate Christmas with his family. We had lunch with GrandDaddy on Christmas Eve Eve. We got to go eat the kid's favorite--pizza! Or "P-P" as Lilly and Reid call it.
Then, Christmas Eve morning, we loaded up and tried to get a group photo to give to DeDe and some other family members. I love Lilly's facial expression in this picture!
We have to hang out until past Reid's bedtime waiting for everyone to get to Mike and DeDe's house to open presents on Christmas Eve. This is him sitting with Uncle Mac completely zoned out watching Jack's Big Music Show.
Lilly preferred to do her waiting by eating her weight in Cheese Balls.
Finally, present time! This is the first year that Lilly has really gotten into unwrapping. She unwrapped hers and most of Reid's. Reid got a little overwhelmed after two presents...and, again, it was way past his bedtime.
He did enjoy drinking from a "big guy" cup.
Lilly liked playing peek-a-boo with MamMa. A fun time was had by all!
Then, Christmas morning, the kids had some Santa presents to open/look at. (We do a mix of wrapped/unwrapped presents.) After that, everyone comes over for Christmas lunch! Lilly wanted to say cheese with Aunt Bec-Bec and Aunt Kay.
The kids love playing with Uncle Bert and Aunt Bec-Bec. They talk about them All. The. Time!
Opening some presents! The kids got so many wonderful things! (So did Matt and I) I will post some pictures later--but rest assured they are having a blast with all of their new toys. (c:
Oh, Reid got into Lilly's cereal Christmas was Christmas so I let her pick her dinner. Look closely, it is everywhere!
So it was bath and PJ time. I spiked his hair for fun. (: This fur-real monkey was one of their presents. They LOVE it but it just randomly makes noise when you walk by it--it is constantly startling me!

DeDe has the same blow-up (Christmas) Mickey that we have and it was here in this corner until it blew a fuse. Lilly and Reid would not stop asking for it and after a while Lilly started getting really upset about it so DeDe brought out Halloween Mickey and all was right with the world again. Ha!
Hope everyone had an awesome Christmas and enjoyed celebrating the birth of Jesus! We are back home and finally finished with "grandparent detox" (you know the adjustment period where there aren't people standing around waiting to meet their every need and want). Lucky for them, we are doing Christmas with my side of the family this weekend so we get to do it all over again!


Trumbo Family said...

Fun times! Trent and trev had the same matching Christmas monkey jambes.

Anonymous said...

The kids look so cute in all their Christmas clothes. Glad you all had a wonderful time. I like spreading out makes it fun! I can't get over how Reid is almost as big as Lilly. I think Thomas is going to be the same way! lol Many blessings for the New Year!