Wednesday, July 13, 2011

4th of July Weekend

Well for the weekend of the 4th we went to visit Mike and DeDe and the rest of the family. It was a great weekend hanging out with family and friends and LOTS of swimming in the pool!

I know I am partial but little boys just don't come any cuter than this guy!

This pretty girl ate pop-tarts at least twice a day.

Rules are bent during a weekend with the grandparents. (c:

We started the weekend by going to this cutie's 2nd birthday party! He got lots of cool Cars stuff. We were so glad we were able to be there to help celebrate.

Reid cuddled up with Eli on the couch to watch a little tv.

Then Lilly and Reid decided to cuddle up with Mike and watch some Dora. It is amazing how much more Dora Mike is willing to watch when he has these two cuddled up in his lap.

Uncle Bert and Aunt Bec Bec were in town too! Lilly and Reid LOVE them. And so do we.

Lilly has started telling Reid to "sit on my lap" and like the obedient little brother he is, he goes and sits on her lap.

It is always short-lived. Ha! And, if he is "shooey" then she promptly tells him to get off.

LOVE this picture. Says so much about Miss Sassy Pants and her personality.

Playing with Bec-Bec

Trying to put Eutha's house shoes on Bubby.

We went and saw Granddaddy and Eutha and their new home. It is perfect and I think they are really loving it too! The kids had a good time exploring. They just love new territory. (:

Granddaddy and Eutha

Mike and Granddaddy. I think this picture is funny.

Well I accidentally deleted a picture of Lilly pushing MamMa around in the wheel chair so I will have to put it in another post. Shucks!

We also went by and visited MamMa.

The rest of our weekend was spent in the pool but I didn't get any pictures of that! We saw friends and more family. Matt and I went and saw Larry Crowne one night with Bert and Becca. I thought it was good...but I really like both Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts. We came home late evening on the 4th so we really only got to see fireworks on the road home. Lilly and Reid enjoyed the ones on the road so much that I felt really bad that they didn't get to see an actual fireworks display. (I know that was a little random at the end but I just looked at the clock and realized I need to be asleep-pronto!) I LOVE LOVE LOVE long weekends with my sweet family!

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