Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Library Fun

We spend one or two days a week at our local library. We just happen to be in a city with a pretty awesome one. We usually start out by going to either baby bookworms or toddler time...depending on how fast we get around in the morning! Ha!! We really prefer baby bookworms because the kids can run around and they do lots of fun little activities in there. Afterwards we go and check out the books.

We like to meet friends there too. And read together, too.

Isn't this precious??

And big friends read to little friends. A whole lot of sweetness happens at the library. (:

And then we also play with puzzles.

And put puzzles together with our friends.

And then we also play on the computer. Mostly Dora. Lilly refuses to wear the earphones so I usually have to wear them and tell her what to do or just let her play all willy-nilly on it.

She is so focused!

Reid is checking out the puzzle piece like, "What do I do with this?"

Watching big sister to see what she does with her...

and then figuring it out.

To be honest, I love going to the library to play with puzzles because that means I don't have to drag ours out. That is right, I admit it--I am a puzzle hater. Not because I don't like putting puzzles together because I do. BUT because my kids carry the puzzle pieces all over the house and I can not stand to have a missing puzzle piece so I HAVE to spend half a day hunting down the lost pieces. Confession over.

We love the library and think it is a great way to beat the heat. We will continue to go back even though yesterday we had to leave after I was thoroughly humiliated because my kids had a yelling-at-the-top-of-their-lungs-tug-of-war-throw-down over a Max and Ruby book. I hope God used it to give someone else a laugh! Ha!


Jackie Koll said...

I am the same way with puzzles - every few days I go through all of the puzzles and make sure the pieces are there otherwise, we go on a search to find them!

Courtney said...

The library is a great place to hang especially during this heat wave.

Dreamin' Daisies said...

This just makes me smile. :)